How I Passed CISSP – My Three Months CISSP Exam Study Plan


Getting the certification is not a left-hand game. The candidate has to get a lot of things to remember and to apply in the examination, which is very much difficult since, in the examination, the candidate is very much worried about the examination. Certification is not like the other IT certification in this IT sector industry. The reason is that the CISSP examination Android certificate is very much wild around the world. The student has to cover a lot of topics, and he has to appear the whole experience of his previous for in the examination to get better results. It is not enough to have 5 or 6 days of CISSP training, and then he or she can appear in the examination and score well. Getting 8 domains to be cover and after learning about each domain, the candidate with getting about the three or four domains, which are small in lessons and fully understandable. I had to put my own efforts into the study plan for this course from day one to complete all the lessons and understand them in a better way.

For preparing for this examination, I had to make a good study timetable, which is quite difficult to handle since both theory and programming sir there in security management. Sometimes a programming code doesn’t match, so I don’t get results, and I get very much worried about the performance in the examination. I had made a perfect time table for the whole day when I had to choose the study materials which has provided by the institute then after I had consulted with my faculties about the studying methodology, and that helped me a lot to have better coordination with both theory and practical contents.

In the following, I had described some of my techniques, which is used by me before the 3 months of examination, and helped me a lot to get everything quickly with less time consumption.

  1. Always try to read the full book given by the CISSP institute. After reading for the first time, you will get to know where important things had been mentioned and how to make the notes for them. While studying, make sure you must have a pencil or any highlighter so that you can underline the important points which have probably maximum chances to come in the examination. Try to relate the book as a novel and observe all the knowledge which is providing through the book. It had taken to complete the whole book between 1 to 2 weeks without skipping any of the parts. I have to make notes from the underline points, then after making notes from it is whether they are correct or not then afterward I had to get the main points and related some points from the study material which has been provided by the institute.
  2. I have started reading four chapters per week, and it doesn’t move from one chapter to another unless it is completed up to 80 to 90 percent. I started searching for the question which is provided to come in the examination from the book which is provided by the institute. Sometimes I have to understand the whole lesson from the internet or using YouTube. After some days, I had again started reading the whole book so that if any left by me, I can get it, and I can write in my notes. After getting all that change in my notes then I try to get memorize all the things and understand them properly. Then after reduced the officer practice test book to test the knowledge which I had acquired from my notes. In the test book, it comes with 12 chapters. Each of the chapters covers 8 CISSP domains.
  3. During the CISSP training, faculties had provided much knowledge about the question related to the examination, how to appear them and answer them properly within the word limits. Try to get the answer to memorize and understanding both. CISF training helped me a lot to get my doubts clear. There provided a live training session in front of my other batch mates and me. I had taken a lot of pressure because during the last three months it is quite difficult to appear the exam and qualify with good marks. My friends in the batch mates had also helped me a lot to get quite clear about the topics. They had provided me with the important questions which are prepared by them, and I asked for further help, and the faculties and friends both were eager to help me. Last but not least, the training session had helped me a lot to get everything properly and understand the CISSP certification.
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