How iOS Enables Cyber Harassment and Flashing

Cell phones and tablets have become a necessity in the modern world due to schools and offices switching to part-time work-from-home routines and online lecture options. With the increased indispensability of electronic devices, comes increased parental concern for their children’s social activities and mental health.

While FamilyTime iPhone parental control features enable the parents to control some level of digital activity, they are not nearly enough to protect children from all or even most of the dangers that await them in the world of the internet.

Why Cyber Safety is Important:

Online bullying, identity theft, hacking and cyber flashing are only a few of the examples of what exists one pop-in add click away. Not to mention the highly detrimental effects of early exposure to certain questionable phenomena on the mental health and development of a young child.

Pre-Existing Evidence for the Importance of Child Monitoring:

Toddlers and young children are like a blank slate, in the words of the well-renowned psychologist, John Locke, who put forth the notion that children construct their major underlying perceptions of the world and life in general during the first few years of their life which later determines their major choices and experiences for as long as they live. This stage can last up to anywhere between 5 to 7 years of age.

Parents who have the slightest idea of the theories in child psychology would naturally be concerned for the wellbeing of their children but with the advancements in technology and growing awareness in the area of mental health, more and more new parents are becoming accustomed to the idea of online parental control apps in order to make sure their children remain safe online.

Comparison of the mind to a ‘blank writing tablet’ also appeared as early as 400 BC. in the immortal work of Aristotle, DE ANIMA where he argued for an original state of mental blankness.

How To Protect Your Kids:

With iPhone parental control app FamilyTime, such incidents can be avoided and interference with the natural growth and development of a child can be kept at bay. This app extends tons of features that could come in handy at different levels and stages of parenting including teen safe drive alerts, pick me up alerts for school children, screen time limits, app blocking, and all sorts of usage statistics monitoring.

The Bottom Line:

Lately, more and more child-focused research is finding it to be the truth and claiming that young minds work like tape recorders up to the ages of 5 and 6. Therefore, the increased scrutiny for cyber safety and security of children since they seem to be born into an e-world, as result of which they own tablets and cellphones by the time they are 3 or 4.

Even more alarming, is the fact that the airdrop feature on the iPhone enables flashing of inappropriate visual stimuli among other odds, which is something that can have a highly negative impact on the development of a child that is still in the ‘hypnosis like’ stage of their lives.

The app is available for download through their official websites which list various features as well as monthly and annual plans for parents depending on the number of child devices at home, and can also be downloaded from either the Play Store or App Store.

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