How long does it take to become a chef?

Are you wondering why many animations depict chefs with mustaches? After reading this post, you might get a clue. You would soon discover that it is no easy process to earn the right to put on the cakelike white cap.

How long it takes to become a chef depends on what sort of chef you wish to become. Nevertheless, at the very least, four years would be required to become a chef. That is no exaggeration, and you would very much agree with it if you do understand what chefs’ work involves.

Picture these: you create menus, order, and receive kitchen stocks, ensure proper table settings, manage cooking staff, and keep customers happy. These are just to mention a few of what chefs do every day!

So how can you chart your way to become one? It begins with the zest for loving the kitchen environment and being useful there. Seemingly little things like learning to keep your knives sharp using the best fillet knife sharpener are priceless.

After this, attending a culinary school is the way to go. Most run between two to four years, depending on the program you have chosen to run. As expected, the Bachelor’s degree in Culinary takes the most. But you aren’t there yet.

Let’s agreed that the institution equips you with basic management and human resource skills. You’ll still need a place to put them into practice. That’s the place of an internship. It is important to find a restaurant where you can work, make mistakes and receive guidance from an experienced chef. That should be about another year or more.

Lastly, the time comes to stand on your own. You will find the perfect help at to buy your kitchen wares.

What happens if you leave the process to passion and no form of formal education takes place? The answer is not far-fetched. You’ll have to spend many more years experimenting and evolving till you become that perfect chef.

How much do head chefs make?

Being a chef is a profession just like any other. Consequently, it isn’t odd to be curious about how rewarding it can be financially.

Generally, the returns on the profession depend on several factors. These include the geographical location, type of employer, and level of proficiency, among others. Hence, head chefs have a range of payments based on these factors.

According to data from several sources, head chefs earn between $25,000 and $77,000 annually. As expected, only the elites among them find themselves at the upper echelon of the pay grade.

On average, most find themselves within the forties. You would agree that that’s not a bad earning at all according to the US Health Department’s guideline.


There is no magic wand to wave over a novice to make a chef out of such. Either you choose a professional path, or you depend on natural talent, there is a process to undergo. And time is what it takes.

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