How Low-Value Calls at Call Centers Can Actually Be of Great Value

It might seem at odds with the general concept of customer success, but low-value customer inquiries can be fundamental for your business.

Customer calls are a primary source of crucial information for businesses. Ensure your call center agents use the information to its fullest potential to enhance the overall customer service because the competition is high. In effect, this will result in higher call center customer satisfaction.

Call center teams must recognize clients’ demands and integrate a sensitive approach to handling their calls to maintain responsive customer service. This is especially true of low-value customer requests.

Don’t underestimate those routine customer calls as they provide a chance to improve your client support. Read on to learn how to do it correctly.

Is it always worth automating?

Automation might be a moot point in the era of digital transformation. It’s not always the solution for dealing with high volumes of customer requests and calls.

Companies often believe they can resolve unimportant customer-related issues through automated services and let call center reps focus on more significant cases. What such companies miss is that even minor customer concerns constitute a customer service hazard.

Using automation to reduce costs is reasonable as agents have more time to deal with high-value customers. Companies may handle an increased call volume and lower expenses. However, as you are trying to switch to fully automated services, you miss important messages from your clients.

Analyzing Call Center Data

Tracking your customer data is an entirely justified business measure. Information flowing through different customer interaction channels is imperative for unearthing critical insights to further enhance your customer service, discover essential leads, and boost sales.

So, does it really make sense to segregate low-value and high-value calls at call centers?

Essentially, all interactions with your potential customers are valuable. They give a 360-degree picture of the state of your current service levels and the organizational performance of your consultants. Using the information to guide future strategic decisions helps companies reap many benefits.

How to Obtain the Correct Information from the Calls

The following steps can help your company obtain the correct information to make subsequent strategic decisions and improve customer experience:

  • Monitor call detail records;
  • Examine call center agents’ KPIs;
  • Determine customer demands and needs;
  • Focus on quality and customer feedback.

How to Obtain the Correct Information from the Calls

Source: McKinsey

Understand the Value of Every Call

Low-value calls might at first appear to be unimportant. But they highlight repetitive issues that affect more and more of your potential consumers. Low-value calls indicate areas for improvement.

To retain customers, you must deal with such issues and ensure your client support yields positive results for your clients and business. Reap the benefits from the most insignificant calls by realizing the high value in “low-value” queries.

Why are Low-Value Queries so Valuable?

  1. Retaining low-value customer offers blocks your competition.
  2. They improve  customer volumes and a steady flow of business.
  3. They’re a good way to ensure your services work at every level.
  4. They improve the chances of finding new ways to access many new consumers.

Examine Customer Feedback

Hundreds of calls go through your call center reps daily. These leads provide you with the most direct feedback from clients regarding your products or services.

Therefore, it is crucial to analyze recorded calls to identify what your customers are looking for exactly to:

  • Guide your decision-making processes;
  • Drive significant change;
  • Inspire innovations;
  • Evaluate customer satisfaction;
  • Learn from insights into customers’ view on your products, service, and company.

Examine Customer Feedback

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Low-customer feedback is also a valuable asset to improve the overall customer experience. It is how you win the hearts of your target consumers and build long-term trust and loyalty.

Final Thoughts

Low-value calls are not just an annoying issue to solve. A customer-centric business model generally encompasses each of your potential consumers, which is why even low-value customers provide significant value to your company.

Make sure you can identify your low-value consumers to optimize your client care. Considering the needs of low-value customers will greatly improve the quality of service to those representing higher value for your business.

Converting low-value calls into higher-value leads can be best achieved by treating your low-value customers as if they were of exceptional value to your company, which is, in fact, true. As a result, watch the overall value of your customer relationships grow.

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