How Much a PCO Driver Earns in London?

Rental cars are regulated in the UK, but these regulations in London are stringent, especially in terms of mechanical integrity and driver knowledge. In 2015 there were approximately 298,000 licensed drivers in the UK; 164,000 were private rental licenses, 62,000 taxi licenses, and 72,000 dual licenses.

Driving can be both an enjoyable and financially rewarding experience. But for others to get into a car in which you are sitting in the driver’s seat, they first need to trust you.

As a driver, there may be some tasks you have to perform every day, regardless of the type of vehicle you drive. Such as checking the car from time to time to make sure it is working correctly, cleaning the inside and outside of the vehicle, and helping passengers when they have their luggage. Opportunities in the transportation industry are increasing day by day. So you are struggling in a competitive industry that can make you a good amount of income and salary.

The amount of the money you would earn by driving along the London streets depends on some factors like:

  • If you are driving as a full-time driver;
  • If you are a part-time PCO driver; or
  • If driving is your second source of income.

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Over the past few years, there has been a significant rise in reputable conveyance aggregators, prompting passionate drivers to enter the private car hire sector and begin working as a PCO driver for PCO car rental companies Want to Earn Substantial Income? Become a PCO Driver

Salaries of the drivers in London

As we mentioned before, driving is a profession that is divided into many different branches. That’s why the salaries are different. Someone working as a Taxi Driver may earn about £32,000 per year. The amount of this salary might get £38,000 for a PCO driver.

If we look at the highest salaries, we consider that there are many differences. At the same time, a Night Taxi driver can earn £100 – £250 per day, and a PCO driver who works for a car rental can earn over £40,000 a year. However, everything depends on the driver and the amount of trust they can gain from their employees. Experienced PCO drivers can even increase their income to £50,000 per year, by gaining the employers’ trust and customers’ attention for paying tips.

What factors may affect a PCO driver’s pure income?

There is a shortage of drivers in England, so recently, temporary employment opportunities with per hour salaries have increased. For example, drivers distributing in vans earn around £10 per hour. Of course, this figure can go even higher considering the vehicle’s size and the type of goods transported. You have to take extra training to move some supplies.

However, tipping is an unpredicted source of income that depends on the drivers’ behavior and their pleasant manner to attract the generous attention of the customers.

Having all mentioned in mind, don’t forget that there are some expenses for any driver that you shouldn’t underestimate if you are a potential PCO driver. These expenses are Service fees, fuel, insurance, taxes, and maintenance.

Service fee

If you are working for a company as a driver and the vehicle doesn’t belong to you, you would not be worried about the service fees. However, the drivers who join an institute like Uber with their car should pay some determined amount to the institute as the service fee, which is 25% for Uber.


Fuel cost is the most controversial issue in the driving profession. Classic cars consume about 5 liters of fuel every 100 km; however, this depends on the car’s model, type, driving time, and road condition. If you are driving a petrol-hybrid vehicle, you will consume about 30% less fuel.


This fee is essential for drivers who drive their car, reaching £25 per week on average. If you drive the employer’s vehicle and know how to maintain the car, you will be a step forward than your colleagues.


This issue is essential for car owners. As the owner and the driver, you have to cover the unwanted accident fees. The insurance amount depends on factors like car age, car model, and driving history, which can fluctuate between £55 to £60 per week.


If you own a cat and earn money by driving, you need to prepare a Self Assessment file every year.

Traffic charges

There are two charges of  Congestion Charge and ULETZ you have to pay if you want to drive in the central areas of London city. ULETZ charge is £12.50 every day for petrol cars. The Congestion Charge is £15 for the time of 7:00 to 22:00. However, if you own an electric vehicle or hybrid vehicle, you can enjoy driving in central London for free.

Some necessary advice for the PCO driver candidates to increase the their income

Before applying for the job as a PCO driver, read the job description and Dos and Don’ts as a PCO Driver, multiple times. Carefully examine the employer’s expectations for the position you are applying for and how much they will pay you in return for your effort. Next, make sure that the information in your resume is in line with the employer’s expectations.

Your work experience and work history that demonstrates your expertise in the job you are applying for are the crucial determiners of the amount of money you will receive from the employer. So it is good advice that you can describe your experiences showing your skills related to the position you are applying for at the first stage.

When declaring to your employer your experiences at each company in bullet points, be sure to mention figures and tangible achievements to show your future employer how much value you can add to that PCO Company. In this way, you will increase your chance of grabbing a high salary from the first stage.

If you have no previous experience working as a PCO driver, focus on the qualifications you have gained through your training. In addition, you can highlight the skills you have gained in your previous work that may be useful in driving. Whenever possible, feel free to share statistical data to highlight your achievements (like I’ve reduced the budget spend in my department by 40% in 2 years). Please do your best to attract the PCO Company’s administrator and satisfy them about your abilities, and you deserve a good amount of salary.

The abilities that make the PCO Company administrator pay more money to the driver

Getting a well-paid dream job is not an easy thing. Sometimes your work experience and education may not be enough to reach your goal. However, don’t forget that your technical and interpersonal skills are influential factors.

  • Technical skills are specifically job-related skills and can be acquired through practice. Technical skills include, for example, a history of accident-free driving, mechanical experience, your knowledge of transport tracking software, or the Tips you know to Reduce Fuel Consumption.
  • Interpersonal skills are skills that show what kind of personality you have and how you interact with people in a social environment. Examples are skills such as communication, productivity, and time management.

What might be the biggest expectation of an employer from a PCO driver to pay him more?

Duties undertaken by a driver may seem like technical responsibilities in general. But an employer’s greatest expectation of a hired PCO driver is to be aware of how his performance impacts the company’s well-being. Show your employer that you can see the Big Picture and gain higher earnings. Let them know that you can handle any vehicle which is proper for the specific mission, that vehicle can be a 7-sitter PCO Car, a shuttle, a school transfer car, or any type of electric vehicle.



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