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How much does a website cost?

Imagine that you are a builder. One day a friend comes to you and says: “My friend, I’m tired of the city bustle, I want to build a house in the forest. How much will it cost? “That’s the twist. But what will you answer him?

Any builder will ask: “What kind of house do you need? What materials? Do you want to do it yourself or will you hire builders? “After all, the cost of a modest wooden shack, built alone, and a two-story brick cottage, assembled by a construction company, is incomparable.

The story is similar to the price of sites.

Of course, creating a website is much easier than building a house, but there are also many options: you can quickly and cheaply assemble an online business card, or you can create a chic online store for a long time and expensively. Therefore, it is forbidden to unequivocally answer the question “How much does it cost to create a website?”.

What is the cost of the site?

The price of a site is made up of the composition and amount of work to be done, as well as the Ipswich website prices are comparatively low.

Scope of work. 

To create any site, you need to go through approximately one path. We looked at a dozen estimates that web studios use – they are different in detail, but they are generally similar.

It turned out that, on average, the process consists of four stages: design, development, publication on the Internet, preparation, and placement of content. Sometimes the estimate includes promotion, but we will leave that out of the brackets.

CMS templates

CMS (Content Management System) – content management system. This is a program that helps to create a website. It contains standard blocks and elements, choosing and changing which you can quickly assemble your project. In addition, the CMS provides tools to manage the site after its creation.

The most popular CMS is WordPress. There are thousands of free templates and hundreds of plugins for it. In templates, you can choose a design that suits your tasks, and with the help of plugins, you can add the necessary features. For example, a product card or a payment module.

Website builders 

Website builders are services where you can build a website for yourself online. In fact, “MIwebdesigns offer you a website for your business at affordable prices. In addition, builders are usually more specialized for landing pages, online stores,, and other sites.

The real value of real sites

Now you can see that there are many options for creating a website. And this is only in theory. In life, it is even more interesting. For example, you can:

  • Order a logo design and general style. Screw it all to the free template yourself.
  • Take a free template, order its revision from a freelancer.
  • Buy a template or pay for a subscription to the constructor and fill it yourself. But pay for texts or illustrations.
  • Order everything in the web studio.
  • Buy a ready-made website for sale (yes, this is also possible).
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