How Much Does Electricity Cost For A Business?

Are you unsure whether you are paying too much in electricity bills for your business? Is your current energy contract appropriate for your business? Understanding the national grid electricity rates and the cost of electricity for a business is information necessary for you to recognize whether you are paying an appropriate amount in electricity bills or not. While this information depends on a number of factors, the average cost of electricity for different businesses will help guide you in being informed.

What Factors Affect The Electricity Cost?

The size of your business is definitely the most important factor affecting the cost of electricity. Micro businesses are most likely always going to have bills lower than that of medium or large businesses. However, other factors such as the amount of energy your business uses in electrical appliances such as lights, air conditioning, computers, etc., also add up to it. Especially during the summer months, air conditioning can become very expensive. For more info, you can consult this ducted air conditioning cost guide. These other factors are linked to the nature of your business itself.

A small cafe, for example, may have a lower electricity bill than that of a small computing company where more electrical appliances are being used. Understanding these factors can help you identify if your bills are appropriately aligned with your business or not.

Electricity Cost For a Micro business

If you are running a micro business, the average amount of electricity used will be between 5000 to 15000 kWh. If your annual usage complies with this value, then your electricity bill will be averaging £600 to £1800 annually in the United Kingdom.

If your bill is marginally higher than this value, you may consider checking if your energy wastage is high or what factor seems to be contributing to a high bill. Contacting the electricity business for further guidance to be informed about the tariff your business is placed into might also be of help.

Electricity Cost for a Small Business

Small business owners should expect a usage between 15000 KWh and 30000 KWh with an estimated cost of between £1900 and £2900 per year in the United Kingdom. Once again, if you are paying more, you might want to check with your supplier or utilize efficient energy-saving plans to minimize your usage. Taking a look at your contract might help you in deciding whether you need a new supplier or not.

Electricity Cost for a Medium to Large Business

Costs of electricity for a medium or large business are most likely to vary the most. With annual usage starting from 30000 kWh, you can expect to see the bill going up to £5000 per year. With medium and large businesses, it is important to have the right information to make assessments about the costs of your electricity bills. Depending on the nature of business, prices for larger businesses can vary a lot between businesses.

Regardless, it is important for you to stay in the loop of different electrical suppliers and contracts because, on a larger scale, losses can affect a business even more. Perhaps checking with an energy broker and different suppliers might help you minimize the costs of electricity for your company.

As the cost of electricity for businesses has been increasing over time, it has become ever so more important to have good energy-consumption habits and the best supplier available to sustain your business in the long run.

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