How often should your car be detailed?

Your car is your asset, your most valuable possession and hence you definitely want to keep it in its best condition. If you use your car daily, then it may be tough to maintain the new look of your car. However, there are still options to keep your prized possession sparkling clean even when you use it for daily commuting. If you get your car detailed regularly, then you can maintain the look and integrity of your car for a long time. provides you all the information you need about car detailing.

What is car detailing?

Often people consider car wash and car detail similar, but that’s not the case. A car detail is a lot more than a car wash, making your vehicle spotless clean outside and inside. A good car detailing includes exterior detailing as well as interior detailing. Both the aspects are essential to maintain the resale value and look of your car.

Interior detailing includes cleaning the car from the inside- right from the leather, vinyl, fibers, and carpets to plastic; everything inside the cabin is cleaned.

Exterior detailing is all about restoring your car to its original condition. Right from windows, wheels, tires, paint, windshield and all the other exterior parts are washed, polished, waxed, painted and more.

How often should you detail your car?

Unluckily, you don’t have a simple and straightforward answer to this question as it is purely subjective and depends on a lot of factors.

However, professionals at recommend that your car should be detailed every four to six months, so around two to three times every year depending on your car, how you use it and what kind of person you are.

The more often you get your car detailed, the better it will appear and feel. But, if you wash, wax and clean your car more frequently, you may need professional detailing less often than someone who doesn’t do anything for their car’s upkeep.

If you are someone who uses their car more often and do not pay much heed to car wash and leave everything to the professionals, then feel free to bring your car for detailing every four months. Remember there is no such thing as too much when you go for car detailing. In fact, there are weekly details that can keep your car in showroom condition all the year round. However, surely it is not affordable by all.

If you want to extend the time between details, you should try to keep your car more fresh and clean with regular washes and better interior upkeep.

Between detail maintenance

An average person should get his car detailed by professionals at least two to three times per year, but, make sure you maintain its look by washing it regularly. You are best suggested taking it through car wash or make use of your garden hose to wash it every week to keep the dust, debris, grime and depreciation at bay.

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