How To Add A Product To A BigCommerce Store?

Adding products to your BigCommerce store is one of the integral aspects of running your business over the platform. At the same time you are also supposed to ensure that every step associated with product uploads is taken care of. /

Now, BigCommerce store management demands you handle the core operations on priority, and that needs a lot of your time and effort. But, amidst focusing on your business expansion, sparing a sufficient amount of time to list the products might be a difficult job to do. 

But you also cannot compromise on the fact that your product listings will play a major role in ensuring conversions. Therefore, hiring virtual assistants to offer you BigCommerce product store management services might be of great help. 

They shall help you add the product pages to your BigCommerce store with accurate information, pricing, images, and other such data. In this article, let’s give you a glimpse at what steps are adequate for adding a product to the BigCommerce store and how VAs can assist you in the process. 

Should You Hire Virtual Assistants for Product Data Entry to Your BigCommerce Store?

Irrespective of whether you are starting with a new BigCommerce store or have been in the business for quite a while, the need for virtual assistants is undeniable, especially when it is about uploading products. 

Uploading products manually to your store, one by one might be a tiresome job for you or your in-house employees. As a result, your other core operations will be put on a halt, which might slow down your order fulfillment rate. 

Therefore, hiring BigCommerce store management VAs for the job is an optimal decision to get along with! These professionals will free you up from the monotonous tasks associated with product data entry and will help you maintain the flow of your online store. 

The VAs offering BigCommerce store management services will make sure that the data entries are correct and are handled proficiently. Following that, they shall also make sure that the product data, upon being uploaded, is organized well and detailed enough. 

Upon hiring BigCommerce store management VAs, you can free up the load on your in-house employees and delegate some other core operational tasks to them. In the meanwhile, your product upload schedules will be met by your virtual assistant. 

What are the Steps that VAs Adopt for Adding Products to Your BigCommerce Store?

There are a lot of steps that go into adding one or bulk products to your BigCommerce store. And not all store owners can be expected to know the entire process. Your expertise as an online business owner might be in some other fields of operations, but product listing is an important attribute that needs to be taken care of. 

When you hire a store management VA to add products to your BigCommerce store, you are delegating one of the most crucial tasks to specific domain experts. And this adds to your business efficiency in the long run. So, to give you an understanding of how a virtual data entry assistant can help add products to your BigCommerce store, here are the steps involved in the process:

  1. Add Basic Details

When you hire store management VA, the first step is to add the basic information of the products under the ‘Product Information’ section within the admin panel of your BigCommerce store. They will enter product name, SKU, price, type, weight, etc. 

  1. Assign Product to Categories

Products will then be assigned to diverse categories by choosing the right category names from the hierarchy. These categories will appear on the store’s frontend, depending on your select theme. 

  1. Add Product Description

VAs offering BigCommerce product store management services are also expert content writers as well to write appealing and informative descriptions for your select products. This description will highlight the specifications, benefits, and features of the product. 

  1. Add Images & Videos

The next step is to add the videos as well as pictures of the products that are being uploaded to the BigCommerce store. Specific BigCommerce guidelines on image or video formats and sizes will be adopted. 

  1. Include the Product Identifiers

Here, the identifier codes will be specified for distinguishing various products in your store. Some codes include SKYU, MPN, UPC, and others. 

  1. Add Product Pricing

Now, the virtual data entry assistant will be setting the default price of the product, its tax class, selling cost, SALE price (if any), or bulk purchase discounts (if any). 

  1. Specify the Product Options

The VAs will also be helping you in creating variants for your specific products, in terms of colors and sizes. The variants will be displayed the way you want them on your product pages. 

  1. Include the Storefront Information

Here, the VAs will provide information on the product’s condition, availability features, it’s warranty, order value, and store-search keywords. 

  1. Add the Required Custom Fields

If there is any specific add-on information for your products, let your VAs know, and they shall add custom fields to fit in that detail. One product can have more than 200 custom fields! 

  1. Display the Related Products

It is always better to add the related products to a specific page to entice customers to buy more than what they planned for. For instance, a screen protector is as related product for a mobile phone purchase. 

  1. Add the Shipping Information

With your consent, all the fixed shipping costs will be added to the product details, allowing customers better clarity on the overall price they have to pay. 

  1. Take Care of SEO

The Professional VAs will also help your products meet the SEO factors with custom URLs, meta descriptions, and page titles. It is an integral part of the BigCommerce product store management services. 

  1. Save the Product

Your product will then be saved along with all the settings. You can check the product page to ensure the data is updated accordingly. 

Bottom Line

By hiring BigCommerce product store management services, you get help from professional VAs who are trained and skilled to upload product data seamlessly. May it be product data entry, bulk product upload services, or SEO implementation, these professionals can help scale your BigCommerce store operations with utmost flexibility. 

With VAs handling your product listing aspects, you are free to drive your focus on your business expansion objectives. This way, you will be able to take care of optimal store performance and enhanced user experience. 

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