How To Apply For Myanmar Visa Post COVID-19

COVID-19 has completely transformed our lifestyle. It has especially transformed the world of traveling. If you want to travel to Myanmar post COVID-19, here is everything you need to know about the visa process.

Myanmar Embassy Visa Application Form

You can always visit an embassy to apply for a Myanmar visa. When you get there, you will be guided through the entire process. Once your visa is processed, you will receive it in your mail at home.

The process of obtaining a visa through an embassy can take a few weeks. That is because the authorities have to go through a manual process of vetting people. However, you can save all this hassle by simply applying for eVisa.

Myanmar eVisa is the online process of obtaining the visa, which brings us to our next point.

Myanmar Visa Application Form

The post COVID-19 world is all about less human interaction. Contact has become much less than it has ever been, and all the processes have been changed to suit this new normal. That is why you can apply for a Myanmar visa online.

The eVisa has been available for quite a while now, and the process is incredibly simple. If you want to obtain the visa through a hassle-free process then apply via

Easy Online Application With Natvisa

Natvisa provides easy to use online visa application to Myanmar. All you need to do is fill the online application with your details, and send it for processing. After a few business days, you will receive the visa via email and all you have to do is print it. Yes, the process is that simple and you will get your eVisa from the comfort of your home.

Myanmar Visa Photo Size

If you apply for the Myanmar visa application through their government website or by going to the embassy, you will need to provide a photo size exactly as they state in their guidelines. Doing this might be a hassle because many people can’t get the sizing of their picture right.

However, the best part about applying through Natvisa is that we will take care of all your photo resizing needs. We will make sure that all your details adhere to the guidelines so your eVisa process can be as seamless as possible.

Myanmar Transit Visa

Transit visa is for people that are visiting Myanmar for the purpose of transit. If you are visiting another place and your transit is in Myanmar, then you can get a transit visa so your stay can be official at the airport.

Myanmar Visa Online Service

There are many places that provide Myanmar eVisa. However, Natvisa should be your top choice. The customer service and quality of their service are unparalleled to any other. You will face a hassle-free experience and receive your visa in no time. What are you waiting for then? If you want to visit Myanmar post COVID-19, feel free to get in touch with Natvisa now.

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