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How To Become a UI Developer

Digital technologies are developing at a rapid pace, there are more and more sites, applications, programs. This means that we need specialists, like ui developer for hire, who deal with these products and make them more convenient. In this article, we will look at one of these professions.

The prefix “UI” is derived from “User Interface Design” and literally means – user interface design. The UI designer is responsible for the product’s appearance and interactivity. It makes the site not only beautiful, but also user-friendly. 

The work of a specialist consists of the following stages:

  1. Obtaining technical specifications or job descriptions. It all starts with the fact that the designer receives the order, gets acquainted with the tasks and announces the desired fee to the client. With the consent of all parties, the specialist begins work. 
  2. Planning. After agreeing on financial issues and deadlines, the designer and the customer discuss the future project in more detail. The specialist will carefully listen to the wishes of the client, offer his ideas if necessary.
  3. Development. The process of creating a product itself. The designer works out in detail all the elements of the site, making it as convenient as possible: colors, animation, illustrations, transitions. The comfort of using the application depends on its work. 
  4. Presentation and transfer of the template. The finished product is presented to the client. If necessary, the specialist makes edits, then transfers the template to the programmer, site designer. If the designer has the necessary skills, he makes a full-fledged product on his own.

A UI designer needs to be skilled in the following:

  • Psychology. The designer knows how to look on the project from the visitor’s perspective, even while it is just in a state of development. That’s why he has to represent himself in the place of the user.
  • Prototyping tools. This point is needed in order to visualize a prototype of a future result while it is developing.
  • Existing programs:, DesignerVista mockup tool, Microsoft Visio, Caretta GUI Design Studio, WireframeSketcher Studio, FlairBuilder, UXToolbox, Mockplus, Axure.
  • Graphic programs. The most popular are Sketch, Figma, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator. If you want to be a UI designer you must not just know them, but to have an ability to use them accurately and quickly.
  • Color theory. That means the developer knows how to work with color, has a basic knowledge of it and how and where to apply it.
  • Typography.  You also need to correctly design texts, fonts, and to know how to place them in the app or on the page.
  • Usability. It’s a number of aspects that settle how customers see the application. Efficiency, site orientation, overall usefulness and user satisfaction make up this list.
  • HTML and CSS, programming. This item is for those specialists who develop websites by themselves.

Pros and cons of being an interface designer

 As in any profession, there are positive and negative sides to the work of an interface designer. 


+ combination with work in another industry or with study; 

+ high demand in the labor market; 

+ work from home (including with foreign projects); 

+ constant career growth; 

+ the opportunity to realize creative potential.

The disadvantages include: 

– the need to adapt to different opinions and tastes of the customer; 

– prompt solution of problems, which is inconvenient for slow people; 

– sedentary activity; 

– professional burnout, lack of ideas.

Fireart Studio knows it is not easy to master the profession of “Interface Designer” from scratch on your own. First you need to research a large amount of material, then remember everything in order to put it into practice. You will also have to understand all the necessary programs, be able to work in them. So it’s better and faster to get a special education.

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