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How to build a DIY electric skateboard?

The rise in popularity of electric skateboards makes everyone think about buying an e-skateboard for themselves. In fact, electric skateboard manufactures and companies are getting a goldmine of profit after its launch. Now, thousands of models of electric skateboards are available online and on the market. With the increase in their demand, the prices of e-boards are also rising.

Whether it’s a basic e-skateboard or a premium one with lots of add-ons, you may find your desired e-skateboard according to your pocket. But for some reason, people look forward to e-boards of their choice. Crazy riders always search for customized e-skateboards so that they can enjoy the riding more!

This article will guide you to build a DIY electric skateboard. From items you need to programming and starting your e-skateboard, I will help you throughout the process.

Let’s get started!

What do you need to build a DIY electric skateboard?

  • 41 inches deck
  • 6354 190kv motor
  • 12S4p battery
  • FocBox Unity Dual ESC
  • Battery and ESC XL enclosure, MBoards
  • VX2 Remote control
  • Trucks
  • 110 mm Wheels
  • Bearings, Bone Reds
  • 36 tooth Kegel pulley
  • 18 tooth 8mm Vanpro drive
  • 375mm belt
  • Motor mounting plates
  • 10×32 1.5in Mounting bolts
  • ½ inch Riser pads.
  • 4mm bullet & XT 60 connectors

Building an electric skateboard

  1. Prepare your deck by cleaning and painting before 3 days of working on it. Also, pre-drill the deck for installing motors, wheels, and batteries.
  2. Insert motor mounts for both motors at the same time. Add the motors and adjust the drive pulley.
  3. Add wheel bearings and install kegel pulleys to both wheels.
  4. Apply the belts on drive pulleys and slide them over the wheels. Adjust the flexibility and make sure if your wheels are spinning freely.
  5. Once you have completed the setup, install the setup on your deck. Check if all the bolts are tightened.
  6. Fit your ESC and battery in the enclosure using connectors.
  7. ESC, cables, and battery should be fitted with secure tapes or bolts. Make sure to leave space for airflow.
  8. Install the enclosure under your deck.

Programming a DIY electric Skateboard

  • Power on your e-skateboard and open VESC software to scan your ESC.
  • After pairing, do WIZARD input programming.
  • Complete the settings.
  • You can place all the settings on your remote or simply use VESC for riding.

Where to learn the programming of DIY skateboards?

In case you’re confused with the running setup. I would like you to read this Electric Skateboard

IS DIY electric skateboard budget-friendly?

Yes, DIY electric skateboards can be built at a low cost. You can purchase the electronics according to your need and budget. The maximum price of a DIY electric skateboard is $200.

Final Words:

I hope this article descriptively covered the outline of buildings a DIY electric skateboard. If you’re an e-board enthusiast or an engineer, building a DIY electric skateboard will give you a very peaceful vibe.

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