How to Build Concepts in Maths

Mathematics is a subject which has no ending point. You can solve an end number of questions on one topic and still can’t say that you have covered all variety of questions. The reason is that, in subjects like Mathematics, questions can be framed by combining two or more topics/concepts in one. So, to tackle these kinds of problems, you must have a strong foundation. If your basics are clear, then you can solve any type of problem. But, if you get stuck with the basics, it won’t be possible to handle tough questions.

The basics are built in the early stage. Instead of just mugging up the formulas and theorems, you should focus more on the application of Mathematics. In this way, you will start taking an interest in the subject, and gradually you will become curious to know the basic concepts of Mathematics.

Tips to Build Rock Solid Concepts in Mathematics

Those aiming to score high marks in the board exam must focus on conceptual understanding of the Maths subject. The concepts in Mathematics also help in cracking various competitive exams and government exams. Maths is one such subject which is asked in almost all the exams. So, good command over this subject will help you to pass the quantitative aptitude part with ease.

1) Study As per the Syllabus

You should follow the syllabus to keep yourself on the right track. The syllabus will provide all the important information on topics, chapters and concepts to be covered in the exam. For CBSE board, the syllabus is provided on the official website. You can easily download the CBSE Syllabus for Class 9 Maths and refer to it while studying. Studying from the syllabus will also help students to prepare for the competitive exam like IIT JEE etc. as most of the topics are similar.

2) Make a Proper Schedule

It would be best if you create a proper study plan before starting the studies. By this, you will not waste time in thinking about which topic to study. The time table will help CBSE Board students to learn in an organized and structured way.

3) Start From Basics

You should first understand the basics by reading the theory part and understand the theorems. Then it would be best if you solve the questions of exercise from the NCERT book. Initially start solving the easier problems and then go for the difficult one.

4) Practice as Much as You Can

In Mathematics, practice is the best way to learn concepts. By practising different types of questions, students get to know the different techniques of solving a question. In Maths, one question can be solved with various methods. By practising questions by yourself, you can figure out the easiest and fastest way of solving the problem. Thus, you will be able to apply your learning.

5) Learn from Your Mistakes

While practising the Maths problem you will come across some situations where you are not able to solve questions. So, in such cases, look at the answer and figure out where you are committing the mistake. Make a note of your mistakes so that you don’t repeat them in the future.

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