How To Buy Festoon Lighting – A Buying Guide

Festoon lights are a popular choice for outdoor illumination, particularly during the holiday season. People often get confused on How to buy Festoon lights? These lights are quite versatile and may be utilized for a variety of events, occasions, or simply to spruce up an ordinary outdoor space. There are a few deciding variables to consider while selecting the best festoon lights for your location or from a reputed vendor like Fusion Lighting.


Buying guide:


How do you choose the best light bulb? 


The beauty of festoon lights is their adaptability. They are available in a variety of bulb kinds. You can easily select the one that best meets your requirements.

  • Edison

Edison bulbs, known for their classic warm glow, can help set the tone for any party, especially if it’s held outside. Different shaped filaments are available in these bulbs, which can provide a decorative touch to your room.

  • Led

Glass string lights have all the attractiveness of LED bulbs, but without the bother. They are cool to the touch, durable, and cost-effective to operate because of their long lifespan. Consider solar string lights, such as our Solar Festoon String Lights, if you want to save even more money on the expense of running festoon lights.

  • Coloured

These festival bulbs can be used to dress up your parties, music festivals, or Christmas celebrations.

  • Low-voltage power

Choose LED bulbs made of polycarbonate materials if you want to give your room a retro feel. Low voltage and almost shatterproof, these lights are a great choice.


Low voltage and standard voltage:


Depending on your hanging needs, you should buy either standard or low voltage festoons while looking for qualified festoons.




These festoons are more commonly found in commercial and residential settings. They are extremely sturdy and safe, and they can readily survive extreme weather. These festoons are nearly maintenance-free, with some measuring up to 100 meters in length.

These are an excellent choice for areas where lights will be installed for a long time. The cost of running these is inexpensive because they are low voltage.


Standard Voltage:


This one is a lot easier to use than low voltage. A wall plug is frequently used to install them. This essentially implies you won’t need to pay an electrician to instal them. You may also rapidly set them up before an event and then remove them afterwards. These lights operate with a variety of light bulbs and may be utilised in a variety of ways to make your area more interesting.


IP Ratings:


Like other outdoor lights, festoon lights have an IP rating. This grade indicates how well a lamp is protected from liquids like water as well as solids like dust.

Make sure that any outdoor lighting you buy, such as festoon lights, is IP65 rated. Lights with an IP65 rating are suitable for both household and commercial use, as they are totally protected from water jets and foreign objects such as dust.

Quick conclusions:

  • Use wire and cables to prevent sagging and dropping when employing lengthy festoon wires.
  • Low voltage festoon lights are a good choice if you want a lasting installation.
  • Before purchasing festoon lights, make sure to check the IP ratings.
  • Draw out a plan to determine which layout works best with your space before you start adding festoon lights.

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