How to Choose Healthy Snacks for Your Children

Healthy Snacks

A balanced diet plays a key role in the development of babies because their physical and mental growth depends on the quality and quantity of feeding. Therefore, it is important to choose products that enrich immature organisms with energy and nutrients for the proper functioning of all systems. 

During the period of active growing a kid requires even more nutrients for the normal development of all systems. Make sure that there is a sufficient amount of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats in the daily diet of a kid. For example, the more active a child is, the more protein its organism requires. It is better to give natural juices, tea and in no way should you use tap water.

What are snacks for children?

Snacks for babies should be healthy, fresh, and not too high in calories. Usually, they are light nosh that saturate a kid between meals. Among the features of these types of food are ease of use, long shelf life, small portions, and readiness for use without additional processing. Healthy snack options for kids:

  • boiled eggs are enriched with iron and other nutrients(for kids under six months old it is better to give half at a time)
  • fresh fruit
  • cheese cubes fill the organism with calcium(especially suitable for babies who refuse other dairy products)
  • boiled vegetables
  • ready-made children’s snacks without harmful additives
  • natural fruit puree in a convenient package is a great snack on a walk, on the road, or between meals
  • fruit and cereal bars

Delicious and organic snacks

During a daily routine, snacks come in handy to keep hunger at bay. Right feeding selection helps tame an appetite and prevent overeating. Choosing healthy snacks ensures that you’re providing a baby with the nutrients for energy:

  • puree made from one or several types of fruit, as well as a fruit cocktail with cereals in a special package, is rich in vitamins that can be given to babies from 6 months old. Soft packaging is convenient to be taken with
  • wheat-oatmeal or rice-wheat porridges are suitable for babies from 10 months old and will become indispensable for a walk or during a trip. They don’t contain sugar, salt. Organic products have retained their beneficial properties as much as possible
  • fruit and cereal bars are healthy snacks for kids over a year old. Available in a convenient format, no added sugar, starch, dyes, or flavors. Contains natural grains and fruits. Organic ready-to-use snacks such as purees, bars, crunchy sticks, biscuits, and tea are on Organic’s Best.

What snacks to avoid?

Not every tasty snack will be healthy, so it is recommended to pay attention to the quality and shelf life of products because many bars for children and other snacks can quickly deteriorate even in sealed packaging. The list of harmful snacks includes:

  • hot dogs and burgers with sauces
  • whole grapes or cherry tomatoes (better to cut in two)
  • hard candy or gummies
  • nuts and seeds
  • popcorn
  • vegetables that are too hard to chew
  • large pieces of meat
  • juices and other drinks with a lot of sugar

Over time, the child’s diet will become similar to the adult’s, but before 3 years old, it is better to avoid smoked meats, cakes, chocolates, and nuts, since the use of such products can cause allergies and disruptions in the digestive system.

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