How to choose the right on board courier

An On Board Courier or OBC is used for the fastest delivery. When something is needed in an emergency, OBC comes in and delivers the goods in less time than ground transport (notably mail). On-Board Courier delivers spare parts that are required urgently, medical technology (different machines, etc.), refrigerated products (medicines, seafood), essential documents, and designer dresses (for fashion shows mainly). It transports all these things with high security and safety. Any man or woman travels with the parcel the whole way to ensure its safety.

When reached the desired destination, the person can simply handover it to another employee of the company that should be waiting at the airport. Or else he may have to take a van or taxi to go to the delivery location. There he delivers the parcel and takes a signature of the receiver or photograph of the exchange if needed. The fee of this service varies from company to company. It also depends upon the weight and size of the product and the destination where it has to be delivered. Suppose it is a famous and expensive city you may have to pay more. Also if the airfares are high, the costs of the courier will increase.

How to Choose the Right On Board Courier? Some Hand Carry Services

Whether you want to transfer items from point A to point B or get something delivered at your doorstep through OBC, it is important to choose the right on board courier for this purpose. Before selecting an onboard courier company, you should ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is it a trustable company?
  • Has it delivered the items before?
  • Can I track it?
  • Will it be dispatched there in its original condition?

You should lookout for the following factors while choosing a relevant and convenient onboard courier:


To know about the company’s quality, you should check the technology it uses for tracking purposes. It should be the latest technology. A company with outdated technology would not be able to deliver to your desired location fastly. It will lower customer satisfaction. You should also read the reviews to get the know-how, especially when you are using the OBC service for the first time.

Prefer Local Couriers

It is advisable to go for a local OBC company if you want to make small shipments. The reason is that local couriers are more flexible. These are more efficient as compared to larger companies.

Determine the Cost

It is just a myth that if the price of any service is high, its quality of work is also higher. Do not fall for that. Research well about the courier company. Also, keep in mind that usually, on-board couriers are more expensive than mail. So their prices are relatively higher as the service they provide is fastest and advanced.


OBCs are preferred because of the safety and speed they provide. But what if they do not fulfill these two basic requirements? It would not be fair. So, check the company’s insurance policy if your goods are damaged or arrive at the wrong location. These things should be checked, especially if you are working with a business or with any firm.


Some couriers work with multiple companies simultaneously, so it can be a possibility that they remain unavailable at some times. It would help if you observed whether the OBC company you are selecting can bear the load and is available whenever you need it or not.

Final Verdict

Higher security, delivery tracking, a high level of convenience, and specialization are the basic qualities of a good onboard courier company. Hopefully, these tips have assisted you in selecting a suitable hand carry services courier.


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