How To Claim Your Business on Google

A lot of individuals use Google when moving, vacationing, or seeking a new product or service. They use it to obtain an idea of where to eat, what fun things to do, and what to buy.

Over the past two years, people searching for “near me” has surged by over 200%.

It is important to understand the various ways for registering, claiming, and validating your business so that you can take advantage of this statistic! Let’s dive into how to claim your business on Google!

This shift can be made much easier by following the necessary steps and unlocking a wide range of additional benefits and opportunities for your online reach, keep reading to find out how.

About Google My Business

You can build and manage a free business profile on Google My Business that will show up when people search for your firm by name or when they’re looking for nearby products and services in your market. Having a Google business page opens up a variety of channels for communication with both existing and future clients.

How To Claim Your Business On Google

A variety of methods exist for claiming your business on Google using the tools and services they have made available to businesses. For the smoothest way of doing the process, ensure you have signed in to your Google account before you start. It’s easier to claim and validate your business if you log in at the beginning of the process.

1. Through Google My Business

The Google My Business page and app are two options for claiming your business. You can claim your Google My Business listing by following these steps:

  • Take a look at Google’s My Business page.
  • Enter your company name in the search box
  • If your business has previously been listed, it should show up in the drop-down list
  • To proceed to the next screen, simply click on the listing
  • Use the prompts to answer any further questions you may have regarding your company’s operations
  • To begin the verification process, click the “Manage Now” button

2. Through Google Search

You can claim your company directly from the search results if you do a Google search for it. Follow these methods to take control of your Google business listings:

On a desktop or laptop computer, a box to the right of the screen, or near the top of the page on a mobile device, should display your Google-created company listing. Basic details gleaned from the internet, such as your location, a map, and your hours, may be included in the listing.
To own this company, click the “Own this business? Take it now. A new screen, lightbox, or pop-up window ought to appear. To continue with verification, click the “Get verified” button.

The Power Of Your Listing

Now that you know how to claim your business on Google, it’s important that you understand more is more when it comes to your business listing.

Use your business profile to share as much information as possible with your target audiences, such as product images, location information, and everything you may think is important and your prospective customers might find relevant and useful.

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