How To Clean A Carpet Without Damaging It

Searching the internet for the topic of carpet cleaning, you often find yourself faced with the following statements: “Proper maintenance of the carpet is of vital importance.”

First of all, it will be necessary to be careful that there are no more trampled areas and less trampled areas, trying to wear the carpet evenly. This is achieved by turning the carpet from time to time and moving any furniture when possible. That’s why some people prefer to hire the best carpet cleaning company.

How to clean the carpets?

As for the daily cleaning of the carpet, from the blogs of the sector it often emerges that the daily maintenance:

It should be done with a broom or a vacuum cleaner at medium speed, making sure that the speed of the vacuum cleaner is not set to the maximum speed and that it does not have circular brushes: these, in fact, could loosen the knots of the carpet and ruin the tissue. Furthermore, once a month, the carpet should be turned over and cleaned also in the rear part, so that the back of the carpet is cleaned from the ground, dust and debris deposited between the fibers of the carpet. The carpet beater must absolutely be avoided, as it causes the carpet fibers to break and damage it irreversibly.

Let’s try to clarify.

  1. The vacuum cleaner can also be used at full power, it is certainly not the suction of air that can ruin it.
  2. The normal vacuum cleaner brush does not have rotating brushes, if anything, it is the tool that is sold for carpets, sometimes called a carpet cleaner, which generally has a wheel that turns and moves the carpet fleece. By itself, if used on a quality piece it has no harmful effects; what should not be done is useless daily use, just pass it on our carpet once a month.
  3. The carpet in the back does not get dirty! if we find crumbs or earth under the carpet there are two cases: either someone has hidden the dust under it, or it is time to have our beautiful carpet washed with water.
  4. I do not think there is still anyone who starts beating the carpet to get the dust out, however no! It shouldn’t be done.

Carpet washing

Finally, speaking of washing an oriental rug, if it is stained with particular substances, after careful research we come to understand that:

To remove stains from the Persian carpet, special procedures will have to be followed, which vary according to the type of stain. Before intervening with the ad hoc remedies if you want to proceed to wash the carpet at home, this obviously must not be washed in the washing machine, but must be treated by hand. First of all, you must proceed with the suction of the dust and earth hypothetically present on the carpet, so that these do not become fixed between the wefts and become difficult to remove later. Then, we move on to the actual cleaning, starting by spreading the carpet on a clean and smooth surface, removing it with a stain remover and rinsing it.

Subsequently, the entire surface of the carpet is degreased with a dish degreaser, making sure to rub it gently with a brush; at the end of the operation, rinse very carefully with cold water. Once degreased, proceed with cleaning with a hair shampoo (not too much), taking care also in this case to rinse it very carefully, avoiding product residues from remaining on the surface. Once rinsed, the carpet is spread on a dry and sunny surface, possibly raised: in this way, the carpet will dry on both sides, avoiding stagnation of water that can produce mold, bad smells and rotting of the fibers, ruining it forever.

Since we do not always have the right place and there are not always three or four days of good warm weather available and in any case most of the time we do not have the time to take care of this, my advice is to contact a specialized company or better again to your trusted dealer who will be able to choose the right industrial laundry and will be able to carry out the necessary treatments.

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