How to Clean and Maintain Your Airless Sprayer

If you want your investment in the airless sprayer to last longer, you need to maintain it. You can maintain it by cleaning every part separately and storing it with appropriate care when not in use.

Every piece of equipment you buy needs to be taken care of regularly. You can start cleaning your titan repacking kits if you own one. It will give better results in painting.

It will also result in being cost-effective. A careful attitude towards anything in life is always good, be it you or your things. If you do not know how to clean your airless sprayer parts, follow this article, as it will help you learn about some of the sprayer parts.

Let’s start!

1.     Clean your Spray Gun.

Cleaning the spray gun can be the most crucial cleaning part. You can not avoid cleaning it. It will result in either spraying right or can even ruin the surface if not cleaned properly.

To get your job easy, you have to clean it after every use per day. It will avoid the build-up of paint and will be easier to clean.

2.   Clean the Filters

Cleaning the filter is essential to spray out the paint evenly. When can change or clean the filter when changing the paint bucket. While doing so will not require extra time and energy.

Clean the surface debris with the help of a brush. Clean it regularly with each use, do not wait for a change in the spray pattern.

3.   Store Carefully.

You need to avoid the pump having water inside if you store your sprayer for longer days. The water inside can make your equipment rust, as most of it is of steel.

You do not want to use a damaged sprayer after a few days. Remove the water from each part and clean it with a cloth before storing it for too long.

4.   Clean the Nozzles of the Sprayer.

It is not easy to clean the nozzles as these are very small in size. You can wash it with water only if the paint is fresh. If the paint drys out, you will need to invest in the cleaning products available in the market.

With all the liquid products, you can also invest in nozzle needles. It will help to remove the stuck paint inside the nozzle.

5.    Clean the Hose.

Wash the hose with water regularly to avoid paint sticking inside it. It will be hard to remove the paint inside, so try cleaning it after every use.

If the paint sticks, you will have to buy mineral spirits to wash off the paint. These things can help if the paint stuck is less, but you may have to replace your hose if not cleaned regularly.

Conclusion: How to Clean and Maintain your Airless Sprayer?

Cleaning and maintaining your airless sprayer will enhance your performance. Do it every day to avoid cost and efficiency issues. Follow these five cleaning tips to make sure your sprayer works well.

Best of luck!

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