How To Clean White Leather Couch That Has Yellowed

Yes, a white leather sofa can add a touch of elegance and look great in your living space, however, did you know that white leather is susceptible to yellowing if it’s not properly looked after? 

It can be easy to miss because it happens gradually. Before you know it, it’s too late and your once white couch has started to yellow. Let’s have a look at some of the ways you can clean and postpone the yellowing process of your white leather sofa: 

What Causes The White To Yellow? 

The yellowing on white leather is from a natural oxidation process. It is essentially what leather does when it is exposed to dirt, dust and heat over some time. It’s where fibres break down. Every type of leather goes through this, however, it is particularly noticeable on white leather. While you may not be able to stop the process you can slow it down.

For example, using couch cleaning services in Sydney can help to keep the leather well-oiled and prevent yellowing. 

How To Clean 

You can restore smooth, yellowing white leather. You can clean the couch with baking soda solution as this will easily remove many types of leather stains, but it won’t repair the yellowing. Not much can be done once oxidation has started, but it can be slowed down. 

Some people like to see old leather and understand that the yellowing is part of the leather ageing process, but if you want your white leather to last longer you should make sure you clean it properly. 

You Should: 

Read any detailed guidance on the care instructions of your suite. 

Spray the sofa with soft fabric to remove dust or dirt from the surface before you add any detergent. 

Clean your sofa daily with a leather care kit (this usually comes with the sofa) 

Wipe it down at least twice a week using a soft cloth. 

Wipe it down if anything is spilt as soon as you can. 

Wipe it down if anyone has sat on the sofa in dark fabrics such as denim. 

Test any new cleaner on a small hidden area of the sofa before you apply it all over. Some cleaner can be strong and damage your sofa. 

Use soapy water and dry with a soft cloth. 

Things To Avoid: 

Once you have cleaned your white leather sofa make sure it is completely dry before anyone sits on it otherwise you are risking more damage.

Don’t allow pets such as dogs and cats to sit on the sofa. We all love our furry family, but the smell can stick to the leather. 

Try to avoid sitting on the sofa in soiled clothing. 

Try to avoid sitting on the sofa in wet or damp clothing. 

No shoes on the sofa 

If you are worried you aren’t looking after your sofa well enough yourself, it’s worth looking for couch cleaning services in Sydney. Doing this will ensure you are doing everything you can to protect your white leather sofa from yellowing. 

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