How to Create Epic Photographs in Post

Did you know that 75% of online shoppers rely mostly on photographs of items to decide if they want to purchase a product or not?

If you’re on social media, your photos have a 40% greater chance of being shared if your visuals are appealing.

Epic photographs matter if you are trying to increase your social media presence and get more followers. Photo editing can also increase sales on your website.

Do you need some tips on how to edit photos that get better results? Then keep reading.

Enhance Photos with the Auto Button

Before you do anything else, start with the auto button. It’s an autocorrect of your program’s system to eliminate imperfections.

If the problems in the photograph are minor, the auto button may save you a lot of time. It can clear up line distortions, centering, or minor blurriness. If this does the trick, why spend time tweaking to get the epic photography you’re aiming for?

Create Epic Photographs with a Simple Crop

Cropping pictures is simply removing some elements and keeping the ones you want to focus on. You are putting your attention on composition and framing.

Use cropping in different ways until you find the look you like best. When you use photography software, you can undo edits and you can save only the ones you like.

If you want to create more balance with your photo editing, cropping can help you add symmetry. You can eliminate space, create straighter lines, you dispose of unsavory background images.

Swap Out Backgrounds

If you have a great picture of a model but she’s against a boring brick wall, learn to erase background images. You can replace them with images that are more suitable for your product or the message you are trying to send.

With the right picture editing software, you can easily remove a boring background. Using layers, you can give the model a background that creates magic.

Examine Light and Dark Elements

If you want to learn more about the color elements of a picture, start by looking at it in monochrome. Black, white, and shades of grey can be revealing.

As you look at the photo in monochrome you will see parts of the picture that stand out. Some details may fade away. You might see bright spots where they shouldn’t exist.

After you examine the photograph in black and white, you will know what you need to change. From there, you can change saturation or hue and create epic photographs.

Learn by Living in Color

The more you know about color as it is seen in real life, the more you will learn about creating epic photographs. We see colors differently, depending on the light and angle we are looking at an object with.

You might swear that the lake was blue yesterday, but today, you come back and you see shades of green, silver, and maybe even yellow as the sun glints off the sand.

As you watch and observe the colors you see in life, you’ll be able to create more epic photography in your posts.

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