How to dispose of the furniture safely

Moving into a new home or simply making changes to your home can come with a host of different challenges. Dealing with unwanted furniture may be overwhelming and may prove difficult than you think. Saving on space especially when you are moving into a new home is important as it keeps the home neat and clutter-free.

Safely disposing of furniture will not only get rid of the unwanted staff but also double up as a money-saving opportunity while relocating. It will also save you time when unpacking to your new home. We will look at how to safely dispose of your furniture while also making some decent revenue.

Most removal services handle the best sack trucks in the UK full of furniture and this will allow you to get rid of more furniture if you are planning a complete overhaul.

  • Gift friends and family the unwanted furniture

If you do not feel the need to sell your furniture then talk to your family members or friends who might want to own the furniture. If they are far from you then email them a picture and ask if they are interested. You are likely to get one or two that may want to own what you intend to dispose of.

  • Garage sale

The best way to dispose of your furniture is by holding a garage sale. This ranks as the best as you get to pocket some cash. Organizing a garage sale however, takes careful planning and advertising to ensure the event is attractive and successful.

Organize all the furniture that you no longer need and find out the prices of the items to know their worth. You can use online platforms to increase the popularity of your garage sale.

  • Donate the furniture

Many charity organizations will find good use of your unwanted furniture. Your local church could also be an option if you are unsure of where to dispose of the furniture. You should call them first and ask if they will accept your furniture donations.

  • Visit the council recycling centers

Local recycling centers are scattered all over. If you are looking to get rid of your furniture these centers provide the best way to dispose of the furniture. The furniture is then recycled and you can be sure it was put to good use.

  • Council waste collection centers

Not everybody can make it to the recycling centers. Many local councils provide waste collection services. They normally provide transport and this is effective when you are trying to move a bulky product.

There are, however, rules that you need to follow when booking for waste collection through your local authority. You need to ensure that all glasses are removed from the furniture. This includes removing mirrors from wardrobes, and loosely fitting drawers.

  • Selling the furniture online

If you have tried disposing of furniture and you have had no luck then selling online might be the best way to dispose of the unwanted furniture. You can utilize the free tools available like social media and classified advertising websites. In case you find a buyer they should be able to drive and get their furniture from you.

  • Hire a roll-off dumpster

If you are looking to move out and are looking for an affordable quick way to get rid of your furniture then this is the best method. You can order for different dumpster sizes depending on the furniture you want to get rid of.

The process is simple the company drops off the dumpster at your place. You then fill it with the unwanted furniture and call the company to let them know it’s ready for pick-up.

Removal cost for furniture

This will vary depending on the furniture you want to get rid of and the location. The cost of disposing of furniture is mostly determined by:

  • The number of items you intend to get rid of.
  • The volume of the load
  • Method of furniture disposal(are you removing it yourself or using a furniture removal service)

If you are looking to dispose of the furniture conveniently then contacting a junk removal or renting a dumpster may work best. The cost will depend mostly on what the local company offers.  Check your options and decide on the best offer.

Most removal services will handle a truck full of furniture and this will allow you to get rid of more furniture if you are planning a complete overhaul.

Dumping the furniture yourself can be a great way to save money. If you are not looking to spend money to get rid of your furniture then there are other alternatives cheaper disposal methods mentioned above that will serve you right.

You must note that illegal dumping can be harmful to the environment and could get you on the wrong side of the law. Remember to always call before donating large furniture and do not just dump your furniture at the donation centers without talking to them first.

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