How to Eliminate Pet Odor the Safe Way

Eliminate Pet Odor

Whether you have a dog, cat, or some other type of pet, you know what a positive impact they can bring into your life.

From encouraging you to play with them to helping you power through periods of mental health hardship, pets do so much. That said, certain types can also make your life a bit smellier than it needs to be.

While pet odor doesn’t take away from the benefits of owning a pet, it’s a problem that you should nevertheless try to resolve. And in this article, that’s exactly what we’re going to help you do.

Read on to learn more.

Bathe Them

Not all pets enjoy getting bathed, and that may turn you off to the idea of cleaning them. However, unless they can groom themselves, bathing your pets is something you can’t avoid doing.

If you’re unsure you’ll be able to bathe them successfully, don’t be afraid to take them to the groomer. They’ll have the experience and tools necessary to get your pets squeaky clean in no time.

Wash Their Bedding

Once your pets are clean, your next step in the pet odor elimination process is to wash their bedding.

Like human bedding, pet bedding serves as a breeding ground for bacteria over time. Washing it (and any other places they often sleep) helps eliminate those germs and ensure that everything smells fresh.

Clean Their Collars, Leashes, and Toys

Bedding isn’t the only place where bacteria can grow, however. Collars, leashes, and even toys can also hold on to germs, eventually leading to odor and unpleasant smells.

Make sure to wash these every once in a while too. Depending on the object, you might be able to simply put it in your washing machine. Otherwise, be prepared to hand wash them.

Vacuum up Hair

Vacuuming up pet hair is a great way to get rid of smells around your home. From couch covers to carpets and hardwood floors, it may surprise you the number of places may end up.

Regularly cleaning these surfaces will help prevent unpleasant smells from worsening.

Treat the Smells

Depending on how bad the smells are, vacuuming them might not be enough to eliminate them for good. In that case, you’ll need to treat them.

While you can invest in specialized cleaning products, at-home remedies with baking soda and vinegar are often most effective.

You can also look into installing a fragrance diffuser into your HVAC unit to circulate sweet-smelling air around your home. You can learn more about scent diffusers here: aromatechscent.com.

Eliminate Pet Odor for Good

While our furry companions might bring joy into our lives, sometimes they bring other things as well. Pet odor is an unwanted side-effect of having pets that no owner wants to deal with.

Use this guide to help you eliminate it for good.

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