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How to Encourage Kids to Get Outside and Play

Did you know that spending time outside is crucial for a child’s development? It instills a sense of wonder, imagination, and creativity. Meanwhile, physical activity and exposure to vitamin D keep children healthier.

Unfortunately, it’s getting harder and harder to encourage children to get outside and play as they become more interested in technology and have busier schedules.

If your children aren’t fans of the outdoors, don’t throw in the towel. This post will share some tips to help you raise more active kids. So if you’re a parent, be sure to keep reading!

Make Sure They Have Outdoor Toys

It’s hard to get your children away from the tablet, TV, or video game console. But you may be able to lure them outside with some toys that encourage outdoor play, such as:

  • Scooters
  • Bikes
  • Skateboards
  • Rollerskates
  • Sports equipment

Since these toys are only functional outdoors, they’ll encourage your kids to play outside and get more exercise. But if you want more ideas for fun outdoor toys, visit

Go Somewhere Fun

Kids tend to get bored with the same old same old. So switching up the location of your outings is a great way to ensure they stay excited. Here are some ideas:

  • Swimming at the lake
  • Animal-watching at the park
  • Hiking on nearby trails
  • Body-boarding or snorkeling at the beach

Plus, visiting new places and trying new activities will instill a sense of adventure.

Make it a Daily Occurrence

If your children are hesitant to play outside, small doses are best. For example, you can make playing in the park for twenty minutes after school part of their routine.

Or, try to take a walk with them every day after dinner. Along the way, you can do a scavenger hunt for insects or colorful flowers to keep them engaged and make it more fun. You could also rehearse their spelling or new vocabulary words as you walk around the block for a more active study session!

Set a Good Example

Young children learn by example, so bring your kids along when you’re spending time outdoors. For instance, if you love gardening, allow your children to help out! They can weed, water, or plant flowers with you.

Or, if you like to play sports or exercise outdoors, get them involved by modifying the activity for their age. No matter what you enjoy doing, your enthusiasm and love for nature will rub off on them!

Help Your Children Get Outside Every Day!

With the help of these tips, you will successfully encourage your children to get outside and develop a love for the outdoors. Of course, if your kids aren’t used to playing outside, you should start small. As they realize how fun nature can be, they’ll naturally want to spend more and more time in the backyard!

Would you like other tips for raising active children? If so, browse more great content on our blog!

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