How to Ensure Your Vehicle Passes an MOT Test

In the UK, as we all know, if your vehicle is over three years old, it is required to have a yearly MOT check-up and evaluation. This MOT assessment is, in fact, a legal requirement, so if your car doesn’t pass the test, it will not be allowed on the road. Thankfully, plenty of garages can ensure that your vehicle is road-worthy for a minimal fee, and you should take advantage of this service. Plus, it’s a good way to avoid potential car issues later on. Unfortunately, about 40 per cent of vehicles fail an MOT test, so it’s in your best interest to ensure your vehicle isn’t one of them. But what can you do to make certain that your car passes the test? Often, a little knowledge goes a long way – so here’s how to ensure your vehicle passes an MOT test.

  • Check the exterior

You should first check the vehicle’s exterior – its tyres, lights, windscreen and wipers, registration plate, and so on. When it comes to tyres, they have to be of the correct size and shape and have a tread depth of a minimum of 1.6 millimetres. One sure way to check this would be to insert a coin (preferably 20 pence) into a groove – if the coin’s edge is totally obscured, the tread depth is good enough.

The lights – parking lights, headlamps, indicators, reversing lights, and so on – have to be in good working order, and they need to be the right colour. Make sure to clean the lights, walk around the vehicle, and tap them lightly – if they flash or flicker, you might need to tighten or replace them. As for the windscreen and wipers, they should be in good condition and give you a clear road view. If the wipers smear, they need replacement. Look for cracks or chips on the windscreen larger than 1 centimetre and replace them before the test. Your vehicle’s registration plates should also be fastened tightly, and all the numbers and letters should be easily read from a distance of 20 metres. Finally, check the doors, the structure, and underneath the bonnet, and make sure to top up the oil and brake fluid.

  • Check the interior

Once you finish reviewing the exterior, it’s time to check the interior. You can begin by checking the warning lights – make sure they are illuminated properly. Don’t forget the warning lights for the brake fluid and the indicator for power steering. The seats must also be in good condition, and the front seats must be anchored securely. The seatbelts are one of the most important aspects of an MOT test, as confirmed by RAC approved garages like Ignition Autos, and if they are damaged or frayed in any way, replace them immediately. The horn should have a good sound and should be quickly accessible, and the mirrors should be complete – there should be a mirror with an internal view and a minimum of one mirror on the driver’s side.

It is also important to give your car a mechanical check-up – this includes checking the suspension, exhaust system and emissions, fuel system, brakes, and more. For this, it’s always a good idea to rely on a garage, preferably a RAC-approved one, so they will check your vehicle thoroughly and do an excellent job.


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