How To Fix [pii_email_24f00c945ef6c5c7b71a] Error Solved

Wrong number: [pii_email_24f00c945ef6c5c7b71a] comes to pass as an outcome of a fight against the SMTP worker and is planned to fumble the framework outlines. You should check that all archived boundaries with port numbers, confirmation, and stable availability are right.

“neglected to correspond to that worker. Attachment Error: 10051 Error Number: [pii_email_24f00c945ef6c5c7b71a] ”

At the point when you do send letters on Outlook Express application. Furthermore, you posted his acclaimed mistake message,[pii_email_24f00c945ef6c5c7b71a] Then don’t stress. Before long we will assist you with fixing this issue.

The blunder [pii_email_24f00c945ef6c5c7b71a] is ordinarily achieved by conflict with the SMTP worker.

As a general rule, this dispute is a direct result of an extraordinary record in the item tendencies. You ought to henceforth picket that all the edges are precisely opened, clearly the port numbers, the approval, and the secured affiliation.

What is [pii_email_24f00c945ef6c5c7b71a] Error?

  • Take quills the Tools menu and snap on Tales … Select the account that is wrecking you and snap on the Properties button
  • In the Servers tab:
  • mind that the notoriety of the bustling mail worker (SMTP) is the best possible one
  • on the off circumstance that your worker asks affirmation, hold the choice My worker anticipates verification.
  • In the Advanced tab:
  • Watch that the port image of the genuine mail worker (SMTP) is the one appeared by your FAE
  • if the affiliation should be secure, watch that the This worker requires secure affiliation (SSL) alternative is checked.
  • Did you make alterations? Check by tapping on OK and endeavor again to convey something explicit.

4 Methods to Solve [pii_email_24f00c945ef6c5c7b71a] Error Code

To be prepared to rebuff this [pii_email_24f00c945ef6c5c7b71a] blunder. Here are 3 stages to assist you with fixing here blunder unequivocally.

Answer 1 – Trying to fix

  • The soonest thing you should attempt to fix the Outlook blunder is to reestablish it from the program and highlights. Duplicate these means:
  • Open the Control Panel.
  • Go to Programs and Features.
  • Find » Microsoft Office 365 » (or some other appropriate office application) and select it.
  • Snap Edit at the highest point of the Programs and Features window. In the window that opens, select » Repair «. Adhere to the guidelines on the screen.
  • At the point when the technique is finished, restart Outlook and debilitate if the code endures.


  • In the event that the over 2 alternative plans not to perspire, at that point, Then I worth that you uninstall Outlook/Statement causing a mistake and reinstall it.
  • Open the Control Panel
  • Explore to Programs and Features
  • Search – > Microsoft Office – > ( or whatever other application that causing blunder) and snap on it.
  • Snap – > Uninstall – > at the highest point of the Programs and Features transom. A uninstall window will free. Adhere to the directions on the screen.
  • At the point when the cycle is finished, it would be ideal if you reinstall Office to add another Outlook establishment.

Fixing 3 – Delete Duplicate Accounts

  • The diverse solid arrangement is to investigate for duplicate explanations, which can cause inner conflict, and erase them. Duplicate records are known to cause the paradox [pii_email_24f00c945ef6c5c7b71a]
  • Simply follow these methods:
  • In the Outlook menu.
  • Go to Accounts Settings and go to the Messaging tab.
  • Select any copy mail account you see.
  • Snap the Delete catch to eradicate these records.
  • While the plan is done, restart Outlook and survey if the blunder code [pii_email_24f00c945ef6c5c7b71a] resumes. Given that this is valid, endeavor the going with arrangement.

Fixing 4. Change Server Port Number.

  • Allowed Outlook
  • Snap upon document and Go to Account Setting
  • Snap on Email from the record setting and select your email account from the rundown.
  • Another windowpane Email Account will be open.
  • Go to more settings and snap on Internet Email Settings.
  • Snap on Advanced Tab
  • Presently change the (SMPT) port number from 465 to 587
  • Snap on OK to spare changings see picture beneath.


In this exposition we talked 4 explanations for some unacceptable [pii_email_24f00c945ef6c5c7b71a] Hope one of em pulled for you and mistake is fixed now if not please remark underneath, We will locate the conceivable answer for you.

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