How to gain followers on Instagram? 6 helpful tips

The influencer profession tends to become more professional on Instagram. To make it in the field, content creators need to develop various skills like video editing, photography, handling financial aspects, etc. In order to strengthen their position and attract advertisers, influencers must also gain followers on Instagram.

The emergence of the influencerprofession is not trivial. In 2019, Generation Z spent 4 hours a day behind their screen. According to HubSpot, 18% of Internet users follow at least one influencer in France. Faced with these figures, it is normal that many young people want to make it their career. Before signing a contract worth thousands of euros with a brand, you will first need to increase the visibility of the account. For good reason, companies prefer accounts with a large community to increase their notoriety. In this case, how to gain followers on Instagram? The following tips may help.

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Gain followers on Instagram with an impactful bio

The bio is the first thing people see when they view an account. Unless you are already a celebrity outside of social networks, the influencer must rely on it to put themselves forward.

The description is defined as the title of the account; it is used to promote it with a few impactful words. Instagram gives its users 150 characters so they can get to the heart of things and grab attention.

As an account showcase, the Instagram biography must include at least the following elements:

a call to action : go to our website, discover my YouTube channel, contact us for a free quote, etc.

a clickable link that redirects to a website;

a short and concise description of the activity: “Let’s discover Yoga together”, “My tutorials for making videos” “Let’s lose weight together through a diet”, etc.

Regularity to retain your followers

Success on Instagram also depends on a good knowledge of how its algorithm works. As with Google, Instagram favors contentcreators who are very active. To gain followers, frequent quality posting is necessary.

Above all, the algorithm seeks to ensure that the influencer and their community stay on the platform as long as possible. This helps attract brands. On Instagram, you need at least one post every day.

Choose your posting times wisely

Despite the regularity, the account only receives two or three reactions and one comment. To optimize engagement on posts, choosing the right publication time makes a big difference.

Instagram statistics help you identify the right moment. They highlight the times when the majority of subscribers are online. Owners of a professional Instagram account can rely on Instagram Insights.

The ideal posting time is right before subscribers are on the platform. So, when Internet users open their account, they will not miss this content.

Offer quality content

Regularity is not enough to perform on Instagram . Like any content strategy, quality is an asset. Quality content must be relevant, authentic and original. This can be an informative post on a particular subject, a publication of practical advice, etc.

Internet users are looking for real added value from an article. In the case of a video, it must capture attention from the first seconds. When on a profile, new followers will see them as soon as they view the account. The video therefore has an interest in being of good quality. Regarding formats, MP4 and JPEG are the most used on the platform. They have the advantage of being compatible with all social networks, including Instagram.

Choose your hashtags carefully

The use of hashtags is a real trend on Instagram. Present in profiles, they represent a powerful tool for quickly gaining new subscribers . With the right hashtags, Instagram publications and posts become easy to find by Internet users.

Those who lack inspiration can study the competition, that is to say publications which deal with the same theme.

Currently, influencers can rely on specific tools to find popular hashtags.

For their part, geolocation tags help target Internet users located in the same geographic area. This is a way to quickly gain followers on Instagram.

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