How to get an energy-efficient basement renovation in Calgary?

If you are thinking of remodeling your basement, then you need to make some quick decisions. It is majorly true when you are beginning from scratch and renovating an unfinished basement. You can choose a few green choices from the beginning to lower your energy bills in the long run and is beneficial for the environment too.

Brave Homes shares some useful tips to get an energy-efficient basement renovation in Calgary:

Spend well on insulation

An insulated basement can help you save hundreds every year in heating expenses. There are some amazing insulation items present in the market such as Spray foam and fiberglass batt insulation. Spray foam works as a great insulator and blocks moisture too. You can use it in every nook and corner, involving rim joist spaces, windows, vents and piping running in the wall. Proper insulation will help get rid of any energy loss and also enhance home comfort and create a securer environment by lowering or removing mold or mildew growth.

Get energy-efficient windows

When you are remodeling your old basement, you may need to replace small, aged, one-pane basement windows. When picking replacements, always buy an ENERGY STAR-rated, double-pane, energy-efficient vinyl window. If your basement renovations Calgary include new bedrooms or replacement of windows in a potential bedroom, then you need to enlarge the opening and go for egress window installation according to the code. Look for the code requirements for basement bedroom windows and then pick an energy-efficient window.

Go for energy-efficient appliances

If your basement renovation involves renovating a laundry area, bathroom or basement kitchen, then make sure you install new, energy-efficient appliances such as a low-flow shower, faucet and more. Choose an ENERGY STAR accredited washer and dryer set to save money in the long term.

Replace the incandescent bulbs with energy-efficient bulbs

Lighting plays a major role in basement renovation as basements don’t usually have too much natural light. You need to create proper ambient, accent and task lighting fixtures all through the living area. Choose energy-efficient lighting to illuminate your basement by using LED bulbs and fixtures. They could be slightly costly upfront, but they use lower energy and last much longer than conventional bulbs. It is one of the best things to enhance your basement’s efficiency.

Add storage

A basement is one of the best ways to keep clutter away from other spaces. Install assorted shelving to keep the items tucked away. Organizing separate storage doesn’t mean the room has to be boring. You can use your creativity, and use fun storage solutions. You can get tables, cabinets, bookcases, shelves and endless things. Let your creativity run wild in the space and enjoy a well-designed renovation.

For quite a long time, Brave Homes has been offering Calgary and area people advanced renovations for their homes. They offer all types of basement renovations and development according to your need, desire, and requirement. Use their services and get your basement renovations Calgary well-designed.

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