How to get more views on IG Stories

Akin to the inevitable rise of the sun every 24 hours, we rise again to shine light upon a matter which has been subsumed into the pitch-black darkness of erroneous lack of knowledge.

But before moving ahead, our immense gratitude for liking the previous content and supporting us throughout, and for our budding curiosity of our new readers let us have a quick recap about the digital world, why is it important and what power it has to influence and bring a change in today’s world how it is continuously making efforts in doing so. Having a great idea of getting a great number of likes on Instagram, let us further discuss another major topic in its Umbrella i.e., Instagram Stories.

What are Instagram Stories? What work it actually does?

Instagram stories are a way through which people connect with the public. Well, this medium is becoming a very popular tool these days not only to promote one’s work but has also been a medium through which people can voice their opinion on current affairs, advertise different brands, show intolerance towards injustice and make others aware of the happenings across the globe and also share about how much one loves to indulge in recreational activities. Instagram stories can be a powerful medium as we all know that social media has the power to create a drastic impact on people especially the youth since they are the ones who are very much technology-driven and who spend most of their time on such sites.

Now, the question arises “How do I gain more views on my stories and will it be Influential?”

Instagram stories are not only fun and creative but if used in an appropriate way can be a big medium for spreading more pubic engagement, build brand awareness and bring out more knowledge. There are few ideas which can lead to a good view of IG stories if followed correctly.

So, readers excited to know them? Here you go enjoy!

  • Content is the king; we all know this and was mentioned in the previous article too about the relevance. The content that one has to promote has the most relevance. If the basics aren’t clear then the further process can be an issue too. Having doubt on what to publish? The answer to this is that there can be creative visuals, Boomerangs that can create the content more indulging and interesting. Also, one can share their regular posts and an update so that people who follow them and become more aware of the content.
  • Using the effective features of Instagram: It has a poll system as an option too while adding any story. This feature can be used not only by the people who blog but also by people who try to raise their voice for all the mishaps and everything happening around the world by making it more innovative. For Example The baba ka Dhaba incident so the poll can be: Did you visit the Dhaba for mouth-watering food? And we all knew what impact is created, it not only gained him popularity but also the views on Instagram stories flooded and it created a huge buzz. Polls generally create a two-way communication due to which there is an engagement both sides and shows how much people indulge themselves into it.
  • Emoji Slider is also an amazing way through which views can be increased. This can be an alternative as emojis can create a content more effective and amazing. The emoji slider can show how much people like the content and how much they relate to it. The question can be asked and an appropriate emoji slider should be posted to check the response.
  • For business accounts on Instagram, it is more important to not only retain its customers but to add more. For that one must reveal new content on a daily basis and guess what stories are the best medium to do so. They can reveal their new ventures via Instagram stories and can also just reveal partially by putting up things like Something is coming up soon or stay tuned for our new venture as this will create curiosity among people.
  • The last one can be the Giveaways done: we see many celebrities or influencers or even well-known industrialists tend to do a giveaway and guess what Instagram now has this feature of Instagram Shopping where the products can be tagged and clicking on the names one can go to the site easily.

Therefore, to sum up, these are the ways through which one can not only increase views but also gain a lot of more followers on Instagram and can create some very realistic content which can be influential too. This can go on and on but for now, having a basic idea and maximum creativity can give you a huge success.

What are you waiting for? Go and use these ideas to promote your work and get an amazing view of your Instagram Stories. All the best!

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