How To Gift Italian Citizenship To Your Next Generations

Italy is one of the most desirable immigration destinations for young Americans and retirees alike. It offers an excellent lifestyle and money opportunities, so countless immigration aspirants look forward to moving there for good. The prospect of Italian dual citizenship is alluring because you can pass it on to your children and the generations to come. The good thing is that there are several routes to explore, but it can make the road ahead confusing. Thankfully, you can contact these professionals for qualified assistance to pick the easiest one. Let us share some valuable insights on bequeathing Italian citizenship to your next generations.

Know the citizenship routes

When it comes to Italian citizenship, you have several routes to explore. You can get in through an Italian bloodline, leverage your marital connection, or stay for good with a naturalization status. Millions of Americans have ancestral connections in Italy, so the descent route is the most popular. Marriage is a matter of chance, but naturalization is the longer route. You have to stay in the country as a resident for a decade to qualify.

Understand the eligibility criteria

The eligibility criteria for each route sound simple but do not expect it to be as easy as having Italian relatives or spouse. Several rules and exceptions apply in each case. For example, you may not qualify from the conventional Jure Sanguinis route if your Italian ancestor was a woman. But you can still get in through a court process under the 1948 Rule. Likewise, timelines are crucial for eligibility for citizenship by marriage.

Pick the apt route

Choosing the apt citizenship alternative boils down to your eligibility. But you may find yourself in a fix when you qualify for two different routes. For example, you may have a distant Italian relative and marry a citizen as well. It does not put you in a good position as you expect. You may find yourself wondering about the ideal decision. The best thing to do is to weigh the timelines and complexities of both processes to choose the right one.

Sort out your paperwork

Whichever citizenship option you choose, you will require paperwork to complete the process. The second passport documentation gets even more daunting for family immigrants. But sorting out the paperwork ahead gets you in a comfortable position during the application phase. Ensure to check the requirements, and have the necessary documents at hand before starting with the process.

Find a citizenship expert

The most valuable piece of advice is to find a citizenship expert to show the way. They can help with eligibility assessment, choice of the apt route, and documentation. The assistance is specifically helpful if you require ancestral documents from the Italian comune of your relative. Once you complete the process, experts can complete the formalities for your family members too.

Although Italian citizenship is automatically passed on to the next generations, it is always better to seek expert guidance from experts. The citizenship process is smooth, provided you choose wisely and stay ahead of the documentary requirements. Most importantly, expert assistance is an advantage.

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