How to grow a podcast audience

Are you anxious about growing your podcast audience? You have to work for it strategically and wait to see a satisfactory result. Here we share some points to grow your podcast audience. Enjoy!

Use social networks

Social media is the key tool you should consider for growing your podcast audience. As a podcaster, you must have a good number of followers on social media. Primarily, they are your existing audience. You can grow more followers along with the existing ones by constantly creating and publishing useful podcasts. Social media seems to be the fastest medium to spread your podcasts and get an instant audience. So, you need to work with it carefully. You should apply a variety of social media strategies and track your performance. Besides, spread your work on different platforms without getting stuck on a single platform.

Use your blog

Nearly all content creators start their journey with blogging. Perhaps, you were an avid blogger too before creating your first podcast. If you have an existing blog, you already have a good number of audiences. You can simply create a new section for podcasts on your blog and let your readers know about it. Ask your readers to join and listen to your podcasts. Bloggers usually have a highly targeted email list. In that case, you can also send a newsletter to those email subscribers including the link to your podcast. It is a better way to build a personalized relationship between you and the listeners. In opposition, you can also invite your listeners to read your blog. This reciprocal strategy allows growing your audience simultaneously.

Invite a guest

Building relationships with popular podcasters and industry experts can grow your audience rapidly. If you are fairly new to podcasting, focus on networking with experts. When both of you feel comfortable about each other, you can invite one of them as a guest. Remember, a podcast guest must be relevant to your audience and niche. If you constantly invite guests, other podcasters will notice it. As a result, you will also be invited someday. Inviting an industry expert as a podcast guest is very fruitful because he has a ton of fans and followers. Chances are he will share your episode with them and his followers will follow you too. Besides, you can tag them in your tweets containing your podcast agency link. In most cases, they will retweet the tweet which is a clever way to grow your podcast audience.

Upload podcasts on YouTube

Though YouTube is a video publishing platform, you can still use it to host your podcasts and grow your audiences. You will find many opinions against it, but a huge number of podcasters are doing it and getting results. YouTube is not against it too since thousands of listeners are listening to podcasts on the platform. But, you should not upload podcasts here for fun or experiment. You can create a dedicated channel to publish the podcasts that create authority and help you get a huge number of subscribers.

Soundcloud is another podcast hosting platform mostly used by beginners. They are regularly adding podcast features due to their rising popularity. You can also use it so that your audience can get soundcloud plays easily.

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