How to Handle and Prevent Disposable Email Addresses

Sending emails to customers is an essential activity that allows you to convey information and necessary updates. Also, sending emails is the core of email marketing which is quite powerful.

Everything runs smoothly till you notice harms that disposable email addresses do to your business.These one-time, throw-away and temporary email IDs can lead to overall slow growth of your company.

So, adopt these practices to handle and prevent disposable addresses for successful email marketing.

  • Verify Emails as you Collect Them

Many customers provide secondary, one-time use and forwarding email addresses to save themselves from emails. Unfortunately, if your email list piles up with these bad emails, it will backfire and lead to an ineffective email strategy.

So, one of the best ways to handle disposable email addresses is to sort them out at the point of collection. Of course, you can do it manually, but it’s very time consuming. To solve this issue there is an API service that works in real-time email verification that separates all suspicious emails. So, adopting such quick and effective email verification services is highly advisable.

  • Build Trust Among Customers

People often believe that whenever they provide their contact details to a company, it sells it to third-parties. So, in order to avoid unnecessary content, customers started to create disposable IDs.

The most effective way to handle this is by maintaining transparency. First, assure customers that you would never compromise their privacy and security.

Then, explain all your security measures to protect their valuable information. An upfront declaration and assurance of protecting confidentiality will significantly reduce disposable email IDs.

  • Check Email Lists you buy

Consider checking email lists you buy even if you’ve purchased them from a reputable company. Paid email lists generally contain disposable and spam traps email IDs. It will surely increase your list of prospects, but it will be of no value to you. Plus, it will increase your costs of email marketing.

One brilliant way to handle this is to opt for an email verifier to rule out all suspected email IDs and clean your list. It will lead to better growth in email marketing and overall profits.  

  • Track Your Customers

A little effort can help you prevent sending messages to disposable emails. Before sending an email to every address, you must check for potential and regular customers.

You can ask them to confirm registration and fill out a quick feedback form once in a while. This will help you extract working and valuable email addresses. A little survey can go a long way and improve marketing strategies. 

  • Send Follow up Email

It’s a very effective method by which you can detect disposable emails. For using your services, ask customers to open a link on email. This ensures that they still have access to address and use email ID. Also, assuring them of discounts via email is a great way as they will enter the correct email ID.

By now, you know why it’s important to prevent and handle disposable email addresses on your list. To handle it smartly, go for effective email verification services and save lots of time!

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