How to Improve Fintech Website by Content Marketing in 2021

Fintech websites

Before getting into the modernized marketing techniques, let us try to understand what Fintech is all about. Fintech abbreviation for financial technology refers to the technological strides and achievements in the sector of financial services. A number of start-ups have emerged ever since 2016 in this area. All the wallet payment apps, UPI payment apps are ultimately Fintech applications. All internet banking services and applications provided by the bank or concerned financial institutions themselves also fall under this category.

These services are nothing less than a boon for common people. But the technological and financial illiteracy is what holds them back. So as to spread awareness regarding these services and facilities, different marketing techniques have been adapted. Content marketing is a major medium of promotion that can be used to enhance these Fintech websites by large. Let us have a look at some of those methods:

Content marketing techniques:

  • Social media marketing:

In the world of today, where people from various age groups are omnipresent on social media websites, there couldn’t be any better place for promotion. Generating ads or past customer reviews on social media sites can prove to be fruitful for the attraction of potential customers as people are prone to trust something that has been used by someone before.

  • SEO:

SEO abbreviation for search engine optimization refers to the improvement in the structuring ad content of the website to attract more traffic and enables organic growth of the website. In SEO, the whole website has optimized the images, their description, texts, etc. All this is done to make the website more desirable to show up in relevant topic search results.

  • PR:

PR here stands for public reputation. It is the image that lies in the eyes of the public of any brand or company. The presence of a strong PR team ensures a clean image and top reputation of the brand or a website in this case. In a hyper-competitive market such as this, having a PR team definitely adds some brownie points and provides an edge.

  • PPC:

PPC abbreviation for Pay per Click refers to the action of paying for an advertisement in accordance with the number of clicks made on that advertisement. Suppose a Fintech brand made a deal with a website to display its ad on that website according to PPC, then the Fintech brand is only liable to pay according to the clicks made on the ad on their website, for traffic which visits but does not click on the ad no payment is to be made, this is an excellent marketing strategy from an economic point of view.

  • Inbound techniques:

Inbound marketing techniques are inevitable in making a website famous content-wise. Inbound marketing is all about getting sensed online on popular websites. The presence of compelling and valuable content on these popular websites is what drives the traffic for organic growth towards the host website.

  • Content strategy:

Even if the traffic diverted towards the host website with different mediums and the host website itself isn’t prepared, all efforts will flush into vain. For making traffic flow regular and generating potential customers, the websites must be properly and neatly structured. So that first-time customers might not face any such problem in finding relevant services.

Need of Content Marketing:

  • Generating awareness: Generating awareness and the creation of the identity of a brand in the world of the internet, where there are hundreds of similar services providing companies, is one of the main purposes of content marketing.
  • Customer conversion: Having traffic on one’s website is not a big deal these days, as it can be done by ads. But converting those leads into customers is something that can be done through content marketing only.
  • After service: One of the main points in the industry is to retain customers after providing their services by providing after-sales services as these things are the face of any brand in the market.


Following above mentioned techniques of content marketing can do wonders to expand the reach of fintech websites. In the world of today, where a number of similar services are in a race to make their presence to be felt, everyone needs something unique, and that unique can be content marketing.

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