How To Maintain The Whipped Cream Dispenser

If you think that the whipped cream canister is just good as cleaning off your glass of water, then think again. Making sure that each part of the canister is washed thoroughly is a very important step to consider. Later on, I will discuss the importance of keeping the whipped cream dispenser very clean. But for now, you need to think well that the whipped cream canister is made of different parts, which is why extra caution is highly needed when cleaning them. You can purchase a high quality  whipped cream dispenser online for relatively cheapbut if you don’t maintain it, it will be more likely to break quicker.

Do not worry, there is no need to undergo steps wherein you need to purchase a specific type of soap or water for the whole procedure. Your supply of soap and water at home is good enough to keep your cream whipper sanitized enough for the next batch of cream to fill it in. Without further ado, here are the steps in properly maintaining the whipped cream dispenser:

Spray All The Gas Out

Let all the gas out of the dispenser by pressing once all the whipped cream has been discharged. This is a safety precaution, as air is sealed inside the dispenser. This keeps any damage caused by the air to occur inside the dispenser for it to function well for a long time.

Know The Parts First

You need to learn the names of the different parts that you can disassemble from the whipped cream dispensers. In this way, you will become more familiar with the cleaning and rinsing procedure to ensure that all parts will work well after cleanup. Here are the following parts:

l Metal Base – The metal base is not present in one-piece tip dispensers. It connects the tip of the canister to its head.

l Gasket – Also called an O-ring, the gasket is the circular part of the dispenser that connects the body and the head of the whole dispenser.

l Tip – Also known as decorating tip, it is the part where the cream is being released once you use the dispenser. It comes with types such as flower and straight tips for a variety of whipped cream designs.

l Charger Holder – This is the cylindrical part of the head that’s used when releasing whipped cream out of the dispenser.

l Pressure Valve Stick – This is a thinking part of the dispenser that’s very easy to clean. It adjusts the pressure applied when letting the cream out of the dispenser.

l Head and Body – The main parts of the dispenser that holds the cream and the other parts mentioned above altogether.


Now that you have an idea what the parts of the whipped cream dispenser are, as well as some details on how they look like, cleaning each thoroughly will never be a problem at this point. All you have to do is understand how to disassemble each, and just check what needs to be cleaned and properly dried before reassembling everything back.


Remove The Upper Part

First of all, remove the tip of the canister after spraying all the gas trapped in it to avoid damage inside the canister and its other parts. Be sure to disassemble the charger holder as well once all gas inside has been emptied. Next is to remove the head by turning it upside down first.


Remove the Gasket And Valve

To make sure that the body is ready for cleanup, you should remove the lower part of the dispenser next. Just disassemble the gasket out of the body by twisting it. You also need to remove the pressure valve now that all gas has been let out of the canister. But take note that there are some dispenser models where the valve is stuck with the body. So be sure not to forcefully remove the valve.


It’s Cleaning Time!

Once all the parts of the whipped cream dispenser have been disassembled, it’s time to do the cleanup necessary for all the parts. Just do the basic dishwashing technique by washing them all wet with water. After that, use a sponge or a brush with soap to clean every part completely, and to get rid of any stubborn dirt or leftover cream. Lastly, rinse all the parts thoroughly before setting them aside to dry up.


Cleanup Tips

The easiest part to clean up for the whole dispenser is the body and the head, because they are just like your tumbler and its cover. As for the smaller parts, you need to make sure that all of them are free of soap before you dry them. We do not want to have some leftover soap mixing along with your whipped cream, as it would mix on the flavor of your cream, ruining everything you refilled inside the charger.


Make sure that the dispenser is completely dry as well. If you did not get any stainless steel canister, you need to make sure that it’s completely rust-free at all times. You can use rust removal agents after cleanup, but be sure to not use them for a day, and then rinse it with water before refilling the dispenser as a safety precaution.


Maintaining the whipped cream charger at home is a very easy step to do. All you need is to follow the steps mentioned above, and you are all set in creating your new batch of sprayable whipped cream at home.

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