An employee’s nightmare is sudden drug tests. And sometimes, drug testing is already a requirement when applying for jobs or running for a public office. The result can make or break someone’s career and future. We are not advocating for the faking of results, but of course, there are remedies for those who want to continue their lives but have taken in drug substances one way or another due to social life or peer pressure.


Synthetic Urine. Passing a urine drug test using saliva or hair is a common way. The saliva is the easiest, while the hair test is complicated. Using synthetic urine which will be sampled during a drug test is probably one of the simpler methods. It does not entail any sacrifice on your part. All you have to do is purchase it, then have it sampled instead of your urine. Another upside in utilizing synthetic urine is it is safe for the user compared to drinking solutions or detox drinks. There will be no side effects since it will not involve bodily intake.

The downside is, many people do not prefer it because it does not guarantee success. Furthermore, the act of trying to find a remedy to pass a drug test is already fraudulent, and this is probably the most fraudulent one since it does not even come from the person who will undergo the test. Should you want to try this method, choose brands with a good reputation that were proven effective.  U pass, Magnum, and Quick Fix is among those trusted brands.

In using synthetic urine, one must heat it first (via microwave) for a short time until it reaches the required temperature, then wrap it using the handwarmer. provides the options for the best synthetic urine and an accessible link for your orders.

Detox Drinks or Solution

The popular option for passing drug tests is through detox drinks. There are detox drinks available in the market that contain ingredients that help in flushing out drug toxins from the body through urine excretion or bowel evacuation. Detox drinks are effective especially if you choose the right brand and do the correct method.

Detox drinks must be paired with fluids because the volume of fluids is responsible for flushing out the toxins through the excretory system and keeping the balance of the urine so that it becomes natural and clear from toxins.

What are the upsides? First, detox drinks are affordable and readily available for purchase. Second, if you do it according to instructions, you will have a big chance to pass the drug test.

For the downsides, there is quite a number. The process is quite long. The detox’s effectivity only lasts for a few hours and wears off. Once it wears off, the toxins can be detected in the urine again. So, it would be best to take the drug test within the hours of the detox effectivity. One detox drink is not enough, you need two detox drinks and you need to drink a lot of water or fluids, at least a gallon would suffice. Since they detoxify the body, one of the common adverse effects is diarrhea. One must drink a lot of fluids to avoid dehydration caused by a loose bowel movement. Choose reputable brands like Magnum Detox, Ultra Eliminex, and Jazz Total Detox. These brands are more costly than others but have guaranteed effects.

Remember that Detox solutions vary from one person to another. The effects, even the side effect may be different per individual.

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