How to Perfectly Wear Your Lederhosen- the Do’s and Don’ts

Munich, Germany - September 29, 2016: Visitors Walking Through Beer Fest Fairgrounds.

Lederhosen is the cultural representation of traditional attire worn at Oktoberfest. Lederhosen is leather shorts that can be worn with matching suspenders + bib. The length of each lederhosen varies based on your personal choices (right at knee length or over the knee length.) The original lederhosen comes in various colors (usually in shades of brown & black); based on the type of leather used in making.

Three centuries back, these garments were customized by Bavarians to showcase their unique fashion approach. One notable addition by Bavarians is the front drop that defines the unique characteristics of Lederhosen. Over the years, the traditional Lederhosen has gone through numerous transformations. However, respecting all the variations of the traditional lederhosen, a few aspects can’t be changed, preserving the historical essence.

Lederhosen Etiquette – Key Do’s and Don’ts

It is important to uphold cultural heritage. Here is a complete guide on learning the etiquette of wearing the original Lederhosen for men;

Do’s Of Wearing Lederhosen

Respecting the originality of lederhosen, here are the elements you should consider while wearing a perfect lederhosen next time.

Choosing The Right Fit

Lederhosen is meant to be traditional yet comfortable. Choosing the right fit is essential as poor quality Lederhosen can offend people at the event. Buy premium men’s Lederhosen made out of genuine deerskin or cowhide leather. Invest in buying a quality product that will make you comfortable and look presentable at the fest.

Wearing Appropriate Shirts

To complete your look, wear checkered shirts or plain white shirts. You can check the range of colors such as white or light blue. 

Socks Selection

If you are following the traditional attire for the fest, choose knee-high socks with shorter lederhosen. However, if you have chosen another length for your outfit select the socks accordingly, either knee-high or shorter ones.

Matching Shoes

Shoes can make a difference in your entire look. Traditional Bavarian Shoes like Haferl shoes are the ideal match for a Lederhosen outfit. They are made from high-quality, robust leather with a sturdy sole and laces at the side.


Above all, do not miss the cultural significance of wearing Lederhosen. Add accessories to complete your outfit. Choose leather belts with large buckles, traditional Bavarian neckties, decorative chains, and a Trachten hat. Traditional hats include Alpine or Tyrolean Hats, which usually come with a feather or brush on the side.

Don’ts of Wearing Lederhosen

With numerous touches of modernism in wearing Lederhosen, some elements are still unacceptable for traditional wear including;

Don’t Wear Bright Colored Lederhosen

Lederhosen is not made to be worn on any fancy show. Therefore, they don’t often come up with a variety of colors. Keep the traditional “Bavarian Style” in mind, and avoid wearing bright colors such as red, purple, and bright pink. Go for either black or brown Lederhosen.

A Big No To T-Shirts

Traditional Lederhosen are always associated with formal attire. Therefore, never go for wearing a T-shirt under your well-suited Lederhosen. It will make you look less appealing. To avoid making the worst decision, wear a button-down shirt to stand out from the crowd with your appropriate lederhosen look.

Never Over Accessorize

Accessorizing does compliment your outfit. At the same time, over-accessorizing can destroy your complete look. Don’t wear fancy belts with large buckles, fancy jewels, modern footwear, or hats.

Don’t Wear Casual Footwear

Last but not least, never wear casual footwear as they will ruin your complete look of wearing Lederhosen. However, you always have a choice to wear specified original Lederhosen shoes made of suede leather. They will compliment your complete look for the event. Remember that wearing Lederhosen is a traditional representation of Oktoberfest that can’t be ruined by wearing casual footwear.

The best you can do is wear knee-length wool socks to keep your legs warm and complement your traditional Bavarian look.


Authentic Lederhosen is more than just clothing –It celebrates history and tradition. Wearing them with respect and understanding not only complements your appearance but also pays homage to a centuries-old culture. Whether you are attending Oktoberfest or any other Bavarian-themed event, adhering to these do’s and don’ts will ensure you represent the spirit of the occasion with style and dignity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you wear anything under a lederhosen?

The Lederhosen are supposed to fit crisply, and sometimes there isn’t much room for underwear. However, it is advised to wear boxers for hygiene purposes.

Are lederhosen comfortable?

Yes, Lederhosen can be comfortable if made out of high-quality, soft leather and are well-fitted.

What do girls wear to Oktoberfest?

Just like men wear lederhosen, girls wear Dirndls, a full wide skirt with a tight waistband. Lederhosen for women are also now available.

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