How to Purchase Bitcoins – A Simple Guide for Newbies

The process of venturing into cryptocurrency, particularly Bitcoin, can be challenging. Apart from the overwhelming information on how to do it, there are numerous exchanges that claim to be the best solution. For beginners, the biggest concern is how to purchase Bitcoins conveniently and safely.

The goal of buying the coins is to invest, save, and wait for the investment to grow in value, or use them to buy goods online. Well, if you have the right information that is simplified for ease of understanding, then the process of buying Bitcoins will be easy and rewarding. Here is how to purchase Bitcoins on different platforms.

How to Purchase Bitcoins on Online Exchanges

Most people, including both newbies and seasoned crypto experts, use cryptocurrency exchanges to buy Bitcoins and other digital assets. The big challenge for beginners is how to purchase Bitcoins on these platforms.

CEX platforms are the most common and require the user to have an account with them to buy. Before the process begins, you should link your bank card with your account or internet payment account. Once the process has been initiated, the transaction is instant, although a short delay might be experienced. Once the process is complete, it is advisable to transfer your Bitcoins from the account to a secure digital wallet.

DEX platforms also facilitate buying and selling cryptocurrencies. They are becoming very popular these days and it is worth knowing how to purchase Bitcoins from them. Most importantly, you need to have a bitcoin to aud wallet and finances ready. These platforms connect peers and give them a place to buy and sell crypto securely. So, choose an appropriate seller, and follow the steps for buying until your coins are in your digital wallet.

How to Purchase Bitcoins at Physical Exchanges

For those who are in Turkey, the NakitCoins exchange has physical outlets that you can visit to buy cryptocurrencies. As a newbie, the benefit of choosing a physical exchange is the guaranteed security since you will be assisted by an agent.

In fact, they can help you get a Bitcoin wallet and deposit your bought coins right there as you wait. Another benefit is the ability to pay in cash, which reduces the trail of your finances.

All you need to do is choose a reputable physical exchange near you and use their services. For those who are still not sure, check online and confirm how to purchase Bitcoins on these platforms.

How to Purchase Bitcoins at BTC ATMs

Last, we will go through how to purchase Bitcoins at an ATM. These are booths that facilitate buying and selling different cryptocurrencies in person. They are located in various spots, for example in shopping malls, tech cities, and other busy places.

You are required to know your Bitcoin wallet address to receive Bitcoins, keys to access the folder and confirm, and lastly, finances in cash or a bank card. If you can navigate through a smartphone or computer, then following the procedure on the ATM screen to purchase your first coins will be easy.


If you have been wondering how to purchase Bitcoins on different platforms, then the insights above have taken care of this concern. They are simple steps that are easy to follow. So, ensure that you grab the opportunity to invest in BTC.

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