How to Recover Deleted Photos From an SD Card?

Among multiple storage devices available to store multimedia files, like photos and videos, SD cards became very popular. However, sometimes you may encounter issues like sudden deletion of files from your SD card. Such issues usually occur due to many reasons like accidental deletion, sudden power outages, malicious program attacks, etc. 

Luckily, there are several SD card recovery methods available that you can apply to restore lost data from an SD card. Here, in this article, we will explore how to recover deleted photos from an SD card and precautions to help you avoid such issues in the future.

What Causes Deletion of Photos from SD Cards?

Photos on SD cards can be deleted due to multiple reasons, both accidental and intentional. It is important to find the exact cause of the loss of photos from the SD card. This will help you to identify the exact photo recovery workarounds and adequate preventive measures to minimize the risk of photo loss. Some common causes of photo deletion from SD cards are as follows:

  • Accidental Deletion: One of the most common reasons for the deletion of photos from your SD cards is accidental removal. You may have inadvertently deleted photos while previewing or managing files on your computer/camera.
  • Formatting: When you format the SD card or any storage device, it erases all data including photos. This can happen when you want to format a different drive but mistakenly select the SD card. 
  • File System Corruption: Corruption in the file system of the SD card can occur due to multiple reasons, including its abrupt removal from your device, sudden power failures while file transferring, etc. 
  • Virus or Malware Attacks: Like any other storage devices, SD cards are susceptible to malicious programs like viruses and malware. If an infected file is transferred to the SD card, it may cause the deletion of photos from it.
  • Improper Ejection: If you remove the SD card from a camera or card reader without safely ejecting it, it can cause data corruption or even deletion of files, including photos.

Quick Methods to Recover Photos from SD Cards

Whatever among the above is the cause for the deletion of photos from an SD card, there are always chances to recover lost/deleted photos by applying adequate photo recovery methods. In this part of the blog, we will provide the best and most commonly used workarounds that you can apply to recover photos from an SD card:

Method 01: Recover Lost Photos from Photo Recovery Software

If you are looking for a quick and efficient way to recover deleted photos from an SD card, then a professional photo recovery tool will help you. Tools like Stellar Photo Recovery is an all-in-one photo recovery tool that supports the recovery of pictures deleted due to any reason. Not only SD cards, you can use this amazing tool to restore pictures deleted from any internal or external storage drive, including USBs, Hard Drives, etc.

The Stellar Photo Recovery software supports the recovery of lost photos in three simple clicks, i.e., Select, Scan, and Recover. The software offers an easy-to-use interface which makes it easy even for beginners to recover lost photos. Some other features which make this software best for your photo recovery are:

  • Supports formatted recovery, lost partition recovery, RAW recovery, and many other scenarios.
  • The software is compatible with both Windows and Mac devices.
  • Recovery photos, videos, and audio files of multiple file types. 
  • It allows you to preview recoverable files before saving them back to your device.
  • It is 100% safe and secure to download and use. 

Now let’s see how to recover deleted photos from an SD card using the Stellar Photo Recovery tool:

Step 1: Download and install the Stellar Photo Recovery tool on your device. Also, connect the SD card from where you need to recover lost photos. 

Step 2: Launch the software and from the Select Location to Scan window, select the storage location from where your deleted pictures were stored. Tap Scan to begin scanning. 

Step 3: After completion of the scanning process, preview the recoverable files and select the ones you need to restore. 

Step 4: Tap the Recover button to save selected files back to your device. 

That’s it! After successful completion of the above steps, your selected files (photos) will get saved back to the desired location. 

Method 02: Recover Deleted Photos From Google Photos

If you have a habit of maintaining backups of your important image files, you can use them to restore lost or deleted data. One such popular and commonly used backup option is Google Photos, which saves all your pictures if properly synced to your Google account. To recover deleted photos from Google Photos, you can go through the below steps:

  • Launch the Google Photos app on your device. 
  • Now, go to the Library tab and then click Trash.
  • Click the Select option located in the top-right corner.
  • Locate and select all the photos you need to restore by clicking on them.
  • Lastly, click the Restore button to save selected photos back to your device. 

Tips to Avoid Deletion of Photos from SD Cards

Hope the above SD card recovery methods help you to recover deleted photos from an SD card. However, it is important to avoid such instances in the future. For this, you can consider certain tips in your mind. Some of them are:

  • Always use a micro SD card and card readers from trusted brands as cheap brands have a high potential for such data loss threats.
  • Avoid saving multiple copies of the same files and folders on the same SD card. If you are doing that, it will be difficult for you to manage your data and thus increase chances for sudden data loss. 
  • Safely eject the SD card from your computer by clicking the option for the same which appears in the bottom-right corner of your taskbar. 
  • When data loss occurs, use a reliable SD card recovery tool to restore your lost data without harming your SD card. 

Wrapping Up

Recovering deleted photos from an SD card can be a challenging task, but with the right SD card recovery tools and techniques you can get deleted photos back. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can restore your precious memories easily. Remember to act promptly and make a habit of creating backups of your important files to help you with data loss issues in the future.

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