How To Rent a car at Bucharest Airport

Have the best experiences from your trip to Eastern Europe today with a rental car in Bucharest, Romania.Bucharest, the capital of Romania, boasts a host of historic features and ancient sitings. Allow a professional driver to take you around, whether you plan to spend your holiday in Bucharest or on a business trip. Scroll through our website to check our car rental offers with a professional driver and get in touch with the Pricecarz auto rentals to rent a car in Romania.

Aside from the normal rent-a-car feature, we also offer our clients various services that’ll enable them to enjoy the great scenery or stay comfortable in the good atmosphere of Bucharest. One of these services includes the airport transfer service from Bucharest airport. This service is geared towards assisting you in getting to the hotel you chose to lodge or a city or town at the out sketch of Bucharest. Based on your convenience, you can also choose to go for a round trip or a one-way trip.

If you feel using a car rent is quite expensive, I’ll advise you to think again as our company will ensure you enjoy a quality ride and fast delivery at the hotel or airport.

Can I Have a Minibus Rented at Bucharest Airport?

Do you plan on coming in group? Maybe for a convention or a group vacation, Pricecarz has made it possible to assist its clients’ tour around the beautiful city of Bucharest with ease and style at their leisure period. At Pricecarz auto rentals, we provide amazing deals on renting a minibus in Bucharest for various uses, either for airport transfers(round trip or one way), intercity transfers(round trip or one trip), or going for a tour with a fixed schedule. Rent a minibus in Bucharest to drive around this amazing city with multiple passengers.

Have extra luggage and need enough space for it? Renting a bus in Bucharest makes the best choice.


Palace of Parliament

The palace of parliament is by far the best attraction Bucharest has to offer and one of the things you need to see by every means necessary when visiting the city. Standing as the second largest building in the world and also the biggest administrative building in the world(since the pentagon is used for military purposes and not for administrative use).

With 1100 rooms, the palace of parliament is said to be the heaviest building globally. In addition, this gigantic building is the most expensive in the world. In 2006, the estimated worth of this building was around 3 billion euros, placing it as the most expensive administrative building globally.

Carturesti carousel book store

Ask your driver to take you to the Carturesti carousel book store, where there are pretty lights and an amazing interior to have the perfect pictures. Located at the Strada Lipscani in the old town, the book store is a reputable place with many English language books worth shopping for.


When talking about large buildings, Bucharest holds the record of having most of them, with one being the boulevard Unirii. This building stretches across Bucharest and stands 3500m long.

Old princely court

Looking for where to get more on ancient discoveries, have a ride through the old princely court(also known as Curtea Vecle). It’s a museum showcasing the remnants and ruins of the royal court. Built in 1459 by Vlad Tepes( aka Vlad the impaler of Dracula lore).

Caru’cubere restaurant

Feeling famished after a day filled with explorations, why not take it a step further and satisfy your belly with a meal at caru’cu bere? It’s a restaurant known for its excellent traditional Romanian food and surprisingly made to satisfy the tourist. With a stunning interior with stained glass windows, lighten up your day at the caru’cu bere mixed with some live music as well.

Romanian Athenaeum

Wrap up your tour with a visit to the beautiful building Romanian Athenaeum. It’s a large concert hall and a major landmark of Bucharest. Constructed in 1992, this building boasts an amazing interior, topped with a beautiful garden and a park around the building.

Hire A Car Or Van At Bucharest Airport With Pricecarz Today

Amazing customer service, quality cars, and affordable prices are a huge part of what we offer daily. Whether you want to rent a car Honolulu International Airport for your business or a drive during your vacation, or you need a car or van, Pricecarz auto rental possesses the best choice at Bucharest airport for you.

At Pricecarz auto rentals, we always ensure mobility and comfortability as we’re always ready to offer quality service for you at your car rental branch, Bucharest airport. However, to avoid inconveniences, always remember to come with your driver’s license,  a valid credit card, and additional proof of identity(passport in particular when hiring abroad).

FAQs on How to Rent a car in Bucharest Airport

When can I hire cars at the cheapest prices at Bucharest airport?

The price imposed on hiring a car at Bucharest airport depends on the time of the year. Based on research, the cheapest period to rent a car at Bucharest airport is in January as the economy class starts at 9.00 Euros. Don’t be surprised when you get charged 60.12 euros for hiring a car in November.

Can I rent a car without a credit card in Bucharest?

Though most car rental firms may ask for a credit card just for insurance,Pricecarz also provides an option for travelers who may not be with their credit card but wish to book a rental car with only their credit card. However, you are advised to consult a car rental specialist to gain more information on renting a car in the beautiful city of Bucharest.

What is the most popular car I can rent at Bucharest Otopeni airport?

Compact cars stands as the most popular type of cars to rent at Otopeni airport. Two of these compact cars are the Hyundai Accent and the Ford Focus model. Currently, the most popular car rental company offering compact cars at Otopeni airport is Priceless and Pricecarz.

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