How to repost on Instagram

All other social media platforms have the option to repost other users’ posts on your feed! On Facebook, you can share a post. On Twitter, you can retweet. Instagram, doesn’t have a repost function. So, how do we repost something that we like from other Instagram accounts? As we said, there isn’t an option to repost directly from the Instagram app, but this doesn’t mean that there are no other ways to repost and to share with your follower’s posts that you like from other Instagram users. Instagram also doesn’t allow you to download the Instagram profile picture , which can be frustrating.

Just one thing, if we repost through other ways, do we do any legal violations, and how to avoid trouble with such a thing, knowing that Instagram has no option to repost within the app?

It is essential for you to understand that you could violate copyright law, by reposting other user’s contents. Therefore, we advise you to get permission from the page or the person that you want to repost their content.

However, sometimes reposting other user’s content could be a good thing for the person or the page, because that way you give them credits for their posts, and in a way it is free marketing for their accounts, it’s clear of course, by tagging them on your repost or indicating who owns the copyright to the post that you shared on your feed.

How to repost Instagram via other tools or apps

Since Instagram, doesn’t have a repost function, we need to find other ways to perform such a procedure. All we have to do is to find different tools, that allow us to repost the posts we like so much that we want to share them on our Instagram account.

There are some external apps, that are useful for an option that doesn’t exist in the official Instagram app.

Three Instagram Repost apps you need

  1. Repost for Instagram

Repost for Instagram is a very easy and practical app for use. All you have to do is launch/open Instagram official app, find the post you want to repost on your account and copy the link by clicking the three dots that are on the right top corner. Tap, Copy link, then, return to the Repost app, the post will be displayed under the All repost tab. Click repost to finish.

  1. Repost for Instagram – Regrann

It is one of the best Instagram Repost apps due to its simplicity and it contains some top features. It also has the ability to remove the watermark from photos and videos while you repost things that you like on your Instagram account.

  1. Repost via Instant

Repost via Instant is one of the greatest Instagram reposting apps out there. It’s easy to use, and it has a lot of great features. With just one click you will be able to repost photos or videos.

With it’s organized features and fast delivery, this should be one of the greatest apps created.

There are two ways to repost on Instagram

On Instagram, there are only two ways you can make a repost.

  1. By reposting it on your Instagram feed
  2. By reposting it on your Instagram Story

There is a difference between reposting on your Instagram feed and reposting it on your Instagram story.

On your Instagram feed, the content that you repost from other Instagram users and share with your followers, stays there forever, unless the original account deletes it, then it will be disappeared also from your account! And of course, you can delete it from your account whenever you want!

While if you repost it on your Instagram story, then the post you want to share with your followers stays on your story only 24h and then disappears automatically, but kepp in mind, it continues to be in your archive, until the original account decides to delete it.


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