How to Select a Property for Residential Purpose

Most people think of Sharjah as a popular tourist spot; however, it’s much more than that. The growing economy makes it favourable for real estate investors. Furthermore, the premium lifestyle residents get to enjoy here has also made it a popular city for those who are looking for a new residence in the UAE.

Home to some of the latest residential developments in the UAE, Sharjah can turn out to be a safe place for you to invest your money in the real estate sector or buy a home here to live a luxurious lifestyle. You can look for properties for sale in Sharjah city listings based on your preferences and finalise the one that meets your requirements and suits your budget.

Similar to properties in Dubai, residential living spaces in Sharjah city are divided into different categories. You can buy a:

  • Townhouse in Sharjah
  • Villa in Sharjah
  • Penthouse in Sharjah
  • Apartment in Sharjah

These properties are further divided into subtypes on the bases of their furnishing. You can find the following types of properties in Sharjah:

  • Furnished properties
  • Semi-furnished properties
  • Unfurnished properties

Other than that, these properties also vary in terms of the number of rooms. For example, you can find apartments having 1-3 bedrooms. Penthouses, townhouses, villas tend to be more spacious and have more rooms in them.

Best Areas for Properties to Buy in Sharjah City

Sharjah nestles in itself several areas where investment in the real estate sector can be considered as a safe bet. The selection of the area depends on numerous factors that include its location, facilities available, nearest landmarks, prospects concerning economic growth and development, etc. However, it also majorly depends on the fact whether you plan to buy it for investment purposes or to settle there.

In case, you aim to relocate in the residential property, it should be well-connected with the major parts of the city to eliminate commutation issues. Moreover, it should have schools, medical centres, supermarkets, and other facilities located nearby. On the other hand, if you plan to buy it for investment purposes, look for the potentials it holds for economic growth and development.

Keeping into consideration these factors, listed below are some of the popular areas in Sharjah where you can find a property:

  • Al Khan
  • Buhaira Corniche
  • Al Majaz
  • Al Nahda
  • Al Taawun
  • Al Qasimia
  • Muwaileh
  • Al Majaz

Residential Properties Price Trends in Sharjah

Just like properties in Abu Dhabi & Dubai, residential living spaces in Sharjah also vary in terms of prices. Property rates here depend on various factors. These include:

  • Location: If the property is located in close proximity to major landmarks of the city and accessible conveniently, its price is going to be on the higher side.
  • Amenities & Facilities: Modern residential properties in Sharjah are laced with modern amenities and facilities. The more facilities a property offers, the higher its rates are going to be.
  • Type of Property: As villas and townhouses are bigger than apartments and penthouses, they cost more. As they offer exclusive rights over amenities, it is another reason why their rates are higher as compared to their countertypes. Moreover, if the property is furnished, it will be costlier while semi and unfurnished ones are relatively inexpensive. However, this may not be the case for every property.
  • Number of Rooms: This factor majorly impacts the price of apartments. Needless to say, rates for a 3-BHK apartment will be higher in contrast to a 2-BHK or 1-BHK apartment.

Steps to Buy Residential Properties in Sharjah

These are some of the vital steps that you must follow if you want to own a luxurious residential property in Sharjah:

Select the Type of Property

The first step is to select the type of property you want to buy. Whether you are looking for an apartment, villa or townhouse, it should be decided in this step. For this, carefully weigh the pros and cons of each type and analyse your requirements as well.

Explore Listings

The next step is to explore listings for properties for rent in Sharjah. You can easily find listings of different types of properties available in the city on the internet.

Sort Listings Using Filters

Use different filters such as price, area, the number of bedrooms, type of the property, etc. to filter out undesired options.

Have Virtual Property Tours

Thanks to the latest technology, you can now visit properties, albeit virtually, right from the comfort of your home. It can help you to save time on visiting properties that do not interest you.

Look for Features & Amenities You Desire

Make a list of all the features and amenities you want in your new home and look for a property accordingly. Some of the most common amenities people look for include:

  • Spacious and well-lit rooms
  • Easy accessibility to major parts of the city
  • Ample parking area
  • Fitness centres, health facilities, educational institutes located in close proximity
  • Fittings & fixtures in good condition
  • 24*7 safety & security

Reserve the Property

The final step, after you have finalised a property, is to reserve it. Sort out the details with your real estate agent and the owner. Negotiate the rates as well. You will have to do all the necessary paperwork in this step. Make sure you have your valid Emirates ID & Passport when reserving the property on your name.

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