How to Spruce Up Your Garden So That It Is Perfect for Partying All Through the Year

Everybody likes partying and, throughout the year, there are many different reasons to get your party frock (or your favourite jeans and jumpers) on and go and have some fun. Even if you just stick to the general reasons of Easter, Halloween, Guy Fawkes, Christmas, and New Year, you can add in a few birthdays, a wedding or two, and the odd christening, and you are suddenly fully booked.

#1 Create an Entertainment Area

One of the first things you should think about when planning your garden is where you are going to put your entertaining areas and what it is going to consist of. Most properties have their entertaining area close to the house, and usually just by the kitchen door. This is so that it is convenient when drinks or food are being provided by kitchen facilities.

Once you have decided where your entertaining area is to be situated, you should think about what form you want it to take, whether you are thinking of going for the old-school patio or are going for the more modern and cleaner look of decking. If you decide that decking is the way forward, then you will also have to choose from wood decking, which will need maintenance with oils or varnish. You could also decide to take the relatively maintenance-free route, with Composite decking.

#2 Use Lighting Correctly

The use of lighting in your garden and your entertainment area is also very important. It can be used to make a gathering very intimate, or it can open up your garden to show off featured plants or areas of interest, provided you get it right.

Although it is possible to have your garden lighting wired into your house’s fuse box, you may find it far more practical to go for solar lighting options, which come in various styles and different sizes that will complement any outdoor area. These can range from solar-powered fairy lights to hang around pagodas, tea lights to hang in trees, or much larger lights that can offer flood lighting from floor level to light up your special areas.

#3 Don’t Forget About Dining Alfresco

As stated earlier, most entertainment areas in a garden are situated by the kitchen door. However, there is now the opportunity to install an outside kitchen area that consists of more than just a standard barbeque.

If you have a large garden, this means that you will be able to locate your alfresco dining area anywhere on your plot and have your outdoor kitchen attached to it. With the popularity to have garden bars as well as hot tubs, you could quite easily zone off parts of your garden for your guests to explore and find new and exciting surroundings, having each area linked with subtle lighting, to draw them through, and to add to the party evening.

#4 Make It Cosy

When thinking about partying in the spring and autumn months, as well as the winter, you are going to have to think of creating a cosy area. Bringing soft furnishings, such as fluffy cushions and throws, will add a certain luxury to your entertaining. You should also think about installing a fire pit (with spark guard) or a patio warmer to keep your guests warm and make your evening entertainment last for as long as possible.

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