How to Teach Your Kids About Charity

Teaching your kids about charity is important so that you can help them to grow into thoughtful and selfless adults who think about others and who use their money for good. As such, here are some of the best ways that you can teach your children about the concept of charity.

  • Adopt an Animal

Kids may find donating to a specific cause dull and unexciting. However, you may be able to engage them a little bit more by adopting an animal. When you adopt an animal, you will usually receive a pack filled with information about the animal in question, as well as updates throughout the year. Many schemes will also send you a soft toy of the animal that you have adopted and a magazine that you and your children can read through. As such, if your children are passionate about wildlife and love visiting animal-related attractions, you should consider donating to programmes that allow you to adopt a lion or another animal.

  • Take Part in a Charity Event 

Another way to get your children interested in charity is to take part in a charity event in your local area. For instance, you might decide that you and your children will train for a charity run or you might attend a fair that is in aid of a certain non-profit. You might also encourage your children to take part in a sponsored activity of their choice, such as a sponsored silence or swim. Many schools also get children to participate in a sponsored event, and you should support them in this by helping them to get as many donations as possible, however small these may be. You can then enjoy a fun event together as a family while still helping a charity.

  • Give to Charity Yourself 

Children are more likely to learn about charity and want to give to charity themselves if they see you giving to charity. As such, you should lead by example and try to contribute as much as possible. If you do not always have money to donate, you may decide to help charities by donating spare clothing or food, or by volunteering and giving your time to different causes, even if you simply agree to man a stall or run a local event. This will allow you to set an example for your children, which you can use as a springboard for discussions about charity.

  • Give Them a Choice of Charities 

When you want your child to be interested in giving to charity, you should allow them to lead when it comes to deciding what charity to give to. If they are intrigued by the work that the charity does, then they are more likely to get stuck in when it comes to helping to raise money for the non-profit in question. As such, you should sit down with them and go through a choice of charities to donate or give time to, explaining what they do in a child-friendly and simple way.

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