How to Use a Canopy Tent to Display Your Art Outdoors

Millions of people across the country have had to self-isolate due to the COVID19 pandemic. Depression is in the air. Thankfully, according to mental health experts, there’s an easy antidote to coronavirus isolation – outdoor art. Seeing amazing art pieces on the streets, parks, and other outdoor settings can improve our moods.

Many artists are addressing this increase in demand for outdoor art by using canopy tents to display their art outdoors. Pop-up canopies are easy and quick to assemble. They provide all the shade artists need to protect their valuable art pieces. High-quality canopies also offer maximum protection from rain, wind, and UV sun rays.

In temperate climates, artists can even use canopy tents made of UV-reflecting fabric as outdoor studios. A canopy tent can be n vital piece of gear for artists who like to draw in outdoor settings. Many artists even host mini art festivals inside high-quality canopy tents at public parks, street sides, etc.

If you’re an artist planning to use canopy tents to display your art outdoors, you have many choices. Depending on your outdoor needs, you can choose from a variety of canopies. Here’s the artists’ guide to buying and using canopy tents –

Assess Your Coverage Requirements

For small-scale backyard art festivals, 10×10-feet canopy tents offer more than enough coverage space. Artists can fit one or two tables and chairs inside these tents. However, artists that plan to spend long periods outdoors may need more coverage area.

For example, if you’re hosting a weekend art festival at a campsite, you may need 10×20-feet canopy tents. Bear in mind – the bigger your outdoor canopy tents, the more shade they will provide.

The shape of your tent’s roof will also impact the amount of shade it offers. On average, 10×10-feet outdoor canopies offer up to 70 square feet of shade. Assess your coverage requirements before deciding what tent size is suitable for your needs.

Look for Easy Installment

All sellers of canopy tents promise that their products are easy to install. The reality can be different. Typically, the tents that are the easiest to set up have durable aluminum frames. The legs of these frames pull apart fairly easily. The tent installation process never requires more than two people.

Clarify these installation details with your tent sellers. Tents that expand/contract via push-button mechanisms are the easiest to use. Unless you have prior experience setting up tents, pick canopy tents that are stable and beginner-friendly in terms of installation.

Prioritize Weather Protection

High-quality canopy tents provide amazing UV protection. They’re made of durable fabrics that offer UPF 50+ protection – just as good as the best sunscreens in the market. Always opt for tents made of such durable fabrics. These fabrics are also typically water-resistant. They keep artists and their artwork dry during mild downpours.

Transportability – An Added Perk

If you’re an artist planning to travel with your tents, buy tents that are easy to store and transport. Look for tent sellers that offer storage and transportation bags. With light, durable canopy tents – artists can easily start hosting outdoor shows.


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