How to Use Negative Customer Reviews to Your Advantage

After a transaction in which you’ve sold a product or service, you’ll often want your customer’s feedback. Of course, everyone wants to hear praises for their products. Positive reviews will provide social proof of your quality and raise conversion rates.

However, negative reviews can help elevate your business! Unbelievable, right? Well, allow us to prove the statement right. Here is how you can turn negative feedback into a positive aspect of your brand and customer interactions.

Work On the Issues with Your Products or Services

The easiest way to use negative reviews is to improve your products and services. When consumers are overwhelmed by really good or bad experiences with products, they get very vocal. Instead of taking offense, you should look at the suggestions in the reviews on ways to improve your product or service. Sometimes, the simple streamlining of product packaging, such as the addition of custom printed tissue, considerably improves each immediate brand experience.

By taking the time to read your customers’ reviews regularly, you will find many ways to improve your product and product presentation.

In terms of easing steps from decision-making to purchase, for example, if some people think your checkout page is slow, you could take various actions to mend the issue. Some businesses provide their customers with feedback forms, which are superb for long-term planning.


Create a Positive Impression On Your Potential Customers

I know what you must be thinking: “How could you possibly create a positive impression using negative feedback?” It is interesting that 82% of online shoppers specifically search for negative reviews. This data tells you that people will view the lack of negative reviews as a red flag.

When your shoppers see nothing but positive reviews, they will see them as fabricated. They need to see the different kinds of experiences that other people have had with your products before giving you their money. They also get to set their expectations realistically, having seen the best and worst-case scenarios.

Educate Your Customers and Potential Customers

Negative customer feedback is often due to their confusion rather than the shortcomings of the products or services. Instead of feeling and expressing frustration, you can use these situations as opportunities to share information with your customers.

You can find these reviews on Twitter, Instagram, and other social media platforms. When you see one such review, you should try to identify the source of the confusion. You should then explain the solution you have for them. You can even send them a blog or YouTube post that helps them maneuver the issue.

Make Efforts to Make Things Right

Lastly, you want to make things right for your dissatisfied customers. You can expect to receive negative reviews for as long as you are selling something online. Your reaction to such feedback is what will define your brand identity.

Since the person that posted the review on your site, social media, or a review website has used your products, you can have a conversation on it with them. Reach out to them and find out how you can help them. You should take responsibility and contact them as soon as such a situation arises.


Bottom Line

If you can respond positively, quickly, and accurately to your customer’s issues, you stand an excellent chance of winning them over. What’s more, you will impress those that read the conversations if they are public.


We hope the points we’ve raised here will be enough for you to turn people who thought poorly of your company or products into your brand advocates. All the best to you!

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