How to write a good problem-solution essay?

Problem-solution essays are a type of argument, that are quite similar to position essays. They evaluate a topic and develop a firm opinion on it. They attempt to persuade readers to agree with them by providing reasoning, facts and proof and admitting readers’ expected doubts or inquiries.

The writer must employ a fair and compelling approach in these essays to ensure the readers that the presented concept is the perfect answer. Furthermore, they would be checking to see if you employ strong reasoning and proof to back up your claims.

Writing Good Problem Solution Essays 

A problem-solution essay outlines a problem or difficulties and suggests a viable remedy. To produce an excellent problem solution paper, one should answer some questions such as: 

What is causing the problem to occur?

Which are the root reasons of such problem?

What occurred before to it?

What is its detrimental influence on society?

What remedies will prevent the problem from occurring?

The solutions to above problems will assist you in determining which problem solution essay topics is suitable for you.

Step By Step Guide to write a Problem-solution Essay:

It is advisable to make a basic outline for every part of a problem solution essay that’ll assist you manage your concepts and opinions. 

Once you’ve decided on a topic, you may learn how to refine your thoughts, come up with a distinctive solution to the problem and structure your piece of writing in the problem-solving essay format. This all will come in the introduction part.

After you’ve written the introduction to your essay, you’ll have to write your main paragraphs, which will employ your investigation to back up your answer and solve the problem.

The ending of your problem solution essay must contain conclusion of your writing that must summarize everything you’ve discussed all across the text and include a point of action for readers to consider after reading.

Topic ideas for problem-solution essays:

Now you have a fundamental understanding of the process of writing and that you’ve the knowledge you require to construct a good and well-oriented and authenticated problem solution essay. Consider the following topic suggestions to aid you with your writings. Here is the list of topic suggestions below:

  1. Political concerns
  2. Social problems
  3. Health concerns
  4. Problems about violence
  5. Interpersonal interactions 
  6. Interpersonal interactions 

Some samples of problem-solving essay topics are provided below for your convenience:

  1. How can we lower the number of individuals who live in poverty?
  2. How can we persuade individuals to undergo vaccination although they believe it is harmful?
  3. How every person on the globe can have access to healthcare?
  4. How can we boost literacy extra among peoples?
  5. How can we effectively address the issue of terrorism?

With practice on these problem solution essay topics, everyone will be capable of providing useful ideas that will enhance the culture we dwell in and perhaps encourage others to accompany them.

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