How too choose a good Garfield Is Garfield expensive

Nowadays, many people like to keep some pets like cats, dogs, and dogs, especially Garfield. So What type of cat is Garfield? Garfield is a breed of American shorthair and Persian cats that bred and breed. It is famous for its calm, cute, gentle, and sweet characteristics. What is the price of Garfield? It understands that Garfield is a costly cat breed. The price depends on the color, but do you know which color Garfield is the most valuable? Let’s see it together.

Before knowing how much Garfield costs, let’s take a look at how to choose Garfield.

Garfield pays attention to the nose and eye line. I don’t think that the nose should exceed the eyes. Such Garfield will hinder breathing, so don’t buy Garfield with the nose exceeding the eyes.

The asking price of Garfield purebreds is very high. If you come across low prices, it not recommend to buy them.

Even if it is a purebred Garfield, the pure white Garfield price should not be too high. If the asking price is too high, it is recommended not to buy it because it is not cost-effective.

Also, when buying Garfield, try to buy the eyes as big as possible, the kind of drooping teardrops is the most adorable, and the eyes must be bright.

The body should have short legs, a sufficient amount of hair, uniform length, and the hair color depending on personal preference. For example, the red three-color pattern, like the red pet red snoopy on the Internet, is much more expensive.

But do you know how much Garfield costs?


Garfield is an adorable cat, and many people will be fascinated by its cute appearance. Garfield has a chubby body, a big head, big eyes, a small flat nose, and a flat face. Many people want to know how much a Garfield cat costs. Garfield purebreds are very expensive, so be careful when you buy them. The price of kittens is around 3000 Dollars, and the price of adult cats is about 700-800 Dollars. The cost of males and females is different. There are thousand to thousands of dollars for purebreds.

What color is Garfield the most valuable?

  1. Red Tabby Garfield is the most valuable color. Due to cartoons and movies, the red tabby color Garfield in the plot is very popular, so this color Garfield is the most beneficial.
  2. Three-color, Tri-color, and three colors: three-color refers to cats with a head and tail in one color and is white overall. They are extremely rare and rare, but the price is not as reasonable as Three-color. Tri-color looks good, and the domestic selling price raises the price, so the general cost is relatively high. Because Three Color is well-bred and genetically stable, the price of three colors on the market is also reasonable.
  3. The tabby and high white Garfield prices are about 500-700 Dollars, without the certificate.
  4. Variegated, tortoiseshell, or solid color Garfield is a cheap color. The price of this color Garfield is generally 400-600 dollars without the certificate.

Feeding tips

  1. Pay attention to the feeding. Because of the super docile character of the exotic shorthair cat, it is easy to be attacked by other pets, so don’t put it together with too aggressive pets.
  2. It is suitable for feeding Persian cats exceptional food, small square shape, it will be easier to eat in the mouth.
  3. Like the Persian cat, the shorter and flat nose is prone to occlusion of the tear duct, so pay attention to cleansing the face.

The ommon sense of feeding

They are independent in temperament, do not like to be noisy, like to look at their master but will not harass, and most of the time, they will find their fun. On the other hand, they also have intense curiosity, are lively and intelligent, are not nervous, and can adapt to the new environment immediately, so they are easy to raise. However, because the exotic shorthair cat has a flat nose like the Persian cat, it is prone to inflammation, so it is necessary to clean its face frequently. As long as they tend and kept healthy and lively every day, their life span can reach about 13 years.

Animal liver: Some cats love to eat animal liver and refuse to eat other foods. Animal liver contains many vitamin A, but excessive vitamin A intake can cause muscle stiffness, neck pain, bone and joint deformation, and liver disease.

High-fat food: If the cat’s diet contains a lot of high-fat fish or stale fat, it will lead to insufficient vitamin E intake, which will cause inflammation of the cat’s body fat and extreme pain.

Raw fish: Some raw fish contain enzymes that can destroy vitamin B1, and the lack of vitamin B1 can cause neurological diseases in cats, which can be fatal in severe cases. This enzyme can waste by heating, so be sure to cook the fish after cooking. Feed the cat again.

Meat: Although the cat’s diet should base on meat, if only meat feed to the cat, it will lead to an uneven intake of minerals and vitamins, which will lead to severe bone metabolism disorders.

Dog food: The nutrients in dog food and cat food are different, and dog food nutrients cannot meet cats’ needs. Although cats and dogs are carnivores, dogs have less nutritional needs than cats.

Cod liver oil: Be especially cautious when supplementing cats with extra vitamins and minerals. Excessive consumption of cod liver oil can lead to excessive vitamin A and vitamin D intake, leading to bone diseases.

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