How UTV Wheels Can Take Your UTV To the Next Level

Keep your off-road vehicle rolling over obstacles and navigating harsh environments with the best UTV wheels. Explore the basic types of tires available and how to improve your traction rating, road shock absorption and overall riding experience today.

Types of UTV Tires

Before you start comparing sizes and shock absorption ratings, consider the common types of tires available. Most UTV tires fall under these basic categories of tread types and rubber compositions:

  • All-terrain
  • Sand
  • Mud
  • Snow
  • Hard pack
  • Street

All-terrain tires are the most basic tires on a UTV. Most come stock with this type of tire, which offers reasonable traction on most surfaces. You may not be able to conquer sand dunes or snow-covered trails, but you can get out and take on most off-road trails.

The other tire types use more specialized rubber compositions and tread styles. The result is a specialized set of tires that can tackle specific terrain with ease, but may become bogged down or worn out quickly if you’re headed for the wrong trail type.

Best Traction Rating Tires For Your UTV

Traction ratings give you an idea of how tires perform under rough conditions. Traditionally used for automobile tires, these ratings are often tested on wet pavement. A high traction rating gives you the performance you need to corner and turn on slick roads, but may not translate to every UTV condition.

Choose UTV tires that are highly rated for your specific trail. Don’t settle for generic all-terrain features when you can upgrade to a specialized set to take on sand, snow, mud or other riding conditions.

Best UTV Wheels With Road Shock Absorption

UTV tires and shocks work together to provide a comfortable driving experience. If you’re leaving the dirt behind and living life on pavement, then it’s time to switch to wheels that are designed for this type of driving. Gear up for a road-ready adventure with the best wheels with road shock absorption.

Road shock absorption requires the same basic features from a UTV setup and an automotive one. You’re looking for a well-adjusted set of shocks, lightweight rims and treads designed for hard asphalt.

Set aside your all-terrain wheels and pick up a set of street-ready tires. Shop online for wheels, motorcycle jackets for sale and other products that help you get the most out of your UTV adventure.

Cruising on the road doesn’t require aggressive treads, so choose a set of street tires designed for smooth rides on hard surfaces. The diameter and air pressure of your tires also affect the overall shock absorption. If you’re looking to upgrade to a larger or smaller set of wheels, you may need to pick up an aftermarket suspension system to accommodate the new look.

Find Highly Rated UTV Wheels Online

From a new set of treads to a totally redone suspension system, you can find all the highly rated items you need for your UTV online. Enter the make, model and year of your ride before sorting through your options. Discover the best set of wheels for a smooth ride using product descriptions and customer reviews.

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