How You Can Best Maximise Your Fitted Wardrobe Investment with a Few Key Elements

Fitted wardrobes are definitely a step above your standard wardrobe, and a lot of people have been going for fitted wardrobes for many reasons – one of which is the fact that you can create your very own personalised wardrobe where everything can fit. It can be difficult to keep track of your belongings if you don’t even know where to put them, but if you have a fitted wardrobe, you have a place for everything and everything is in its proper place. But if you’ve already decided to invest in a fitted wardrobe, you’d also want to be sure that it’s fully maximised. How can you then design your fitted wardrobe so it fits all your requirements? Here’s how you can best maximise your fitted wardrobe investment with a few key elements.

  • If you want to save more space, use sliding doors 

Fitted wardrobes are great if you want to save space – but you can save even more space in your bedroom if you use sliding doors. You can have the best of both worlds if you opt for sliding doors, especially if you have them in a mirrored door finish. With mirrored doors that easily reflect the light, your bedroom can look brighter and more expansive.

  • Make use of light 

The one seemingly small element that can make a world of difference when it comes to your fitted bedroom wardrobe is lighting. Fitted bedroom Manchester experts like My Fitted Bedroom can outfit your wardrobe with lighting in its interiors, which is not only useful and practical but adds a touch of luxury to your bedroom and wardrobe as well. You can make use of LED lights that are strategically placed inside the wardrobe, and these can light up with sensors located inside. With the proper lighting, the contents of your wardrobe can be quickly and easily illuminated, allowing you to find what you need in no time. To make even better use of lighting, make sure that your rails and drawers and shelves are properly illuminated as well. Some homeowners even choose exterior lighting fixtures to complete the effect.

  • Utilise all available space, including ceiling space 

You can avoid clutter even more if you utilise all available space, including ceiling space. The great thing about fitted wardrobes is that they can be built according to your preferences, so you can have them stretch from wall to wall and floor to ceiling. This can create a more streamlined appearance for your fitted wardrobe, and it can also help you do away with dust traps.

  • Consider a double 

If you have a partner or spouse, you may want to consider a double. You probably need different setups for storage, so you can install separate wardrobes that still match well. You can then tailor each wardrobe’s layout and configuration according to your preference, and your spouse or partner can do the same. Here’s another tip: if you have a lot of long dresses, have tall spaces built for hanging, and shorter setups can work well for suits and jackets. You can also add shallow dresser drawers for swimwear and underwear and deeper drawers for garments that are bulkier, like cardigans and jumpers. If you want to store small items in your wardrobe, add inserts and dividers into drawers to keep everything neat.

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