In Amherst, New York, Octapharma Plasma established its first donation center.

The most recent donation location for Octapharma Plasma Inc., a company that collects plasma “for the development of life-saving pharmaceutical therapies,” is located at the Sheridan Center retail mall in Amherst (3386 Sheridan Drive). Octapharma Plasma has been operating donation sites in 36 states since its founding.


According to the corporation, plasma is the liquid portion of blood that travels throughout the body, containing proteins, clotting factors, and antibodies. Plasma has a variety of medical applications, including treating wounds, autoimmune disorders, hemophilia, and cancer. Products from Octapharma are accessible in 118 nations and treat hundreds of thousands of patients annually. Giving donors a compensation for their time not only shows how valuable their time is but it also serves as a significant incentive for both new and returning donors to give.

According to Alice Stewart, COO of Octapharma Plasma, “We’re looking forward to bringing our level of service to New York, and Greater Buffalo is a great place to start as we hope to grow our presence with additional future centers in the years to come.” “Our donors actively contribute to the resolution of the current plasma shortage and help thousands of patients who depend on plasma therapies for their health.”

Donation Centres

Each donation center for Octapharma Plasma is “focused on impacting the community it serves.” About fifty new positions will be created in the Amherst Center. To raise awareness of the value of plasma donations, the facility will collaborate with neighborhood companies and civic associations. The Amherst facility of Octapharma Plasma now stands in the company’s fleet of more than 160 centers spread across 36 states. Octapharma Plasma is trusted by more than 400,000 donors annually to deliver a convenient and comfortable donor experience.

Using the details below, get in touch with each Octapharma Plasma location directly to learn more about working hours, eligibility requirements, compensation particular to the site, possible collaborations with nearby companies and organizations, promotional initiatives, and other details.

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Worldwide patient plasma donation

Worldwide patient plasma donation collection and transportation is handled by Octapharma Plasma, a division of Octapharma AG. Established in 2007, Charlotte, North Carolina, serves as the headquarters of Octapharma Plasma. The organization serves over 400,000 distinct donors a year and has more than 160 plasma donation facilities across the United States.

About OctaPharma Plasma’s past

The purpose of founding Octapharma forty years ago was to supply hemophiliac patients with a superior, safer form of factor VIII (FVIII) concentrate. Driven by the same commitment and goal to create innovative health solutions that improve human life, Octapharma has expanded into a global enterprise in the forty years that have passed.

Parent firm for Octapharma Plasma

He and Robert Taub created Octapharma in 1983. Marguerre owns Octapharma along with his three children, two of whom are on the management board: Frederic and Tobias Marguerre. Bloomberg estimated his net worth to be US$5.23 billion as of December 27, 2020.

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